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By: Illustrious Hair  11-11-2011
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-Texture: 100% remy human hair of the highest quality
-Type:I-tip available
-Style: Silky Straight,Natural wavy,body wavy,loose wavy available
-Keratin: America/Italy keratin.guarantee hair no shed/fall out
-Weight: 0.5gram,0.6gram,0.7gram,0.8gram,1.0gram,
-Length: From 30 cm to 50 cm
-Color: 10 different human hair colors available

Sizes Available: 30cm, 40cm and 50 cm

Pre-tipped hair extension
Pre bonded extenstions provide a hassle free installation.A high quality bonding glue is attached to the tip of the extension and is applied near the root of the individual’s hair using a fusion heat connector or micro rings. Pre bonded extensions can easily be removed.The tips of the glue are shaped as either:     * U / Nail Tip
* Flat Tip
* Shoe lace Tip.Shoe lace tips can also be attached by using micro rings.You will need a pulling needle to install shoe lace tip bonds. This process is done by placing the micro ring onto the hook or pulling needle. You then pull your hair with the hook or pulling needle through the micro ring and place the shoe lace tip hair extension into the micro ring. Then close the ring using pliers.To re-open the extension simply use the pliers again.See our range of accessoriesRead what our valued clients have to say:.

Pre-taped seemless extensions 3pcs in set – NEW PRODUCT

Description: New Reolutionary hair extensions with Regal Seamless


EXCITING NEW CONCEPT – LASTS UP TO 3 MONTHS  -Package:3- 25 cm strips can be cut to your required size.
  1. Numerous colors available – including 2 tone
  2. Length:30cm - 50cm
  3. Made with highest quality 100% Remy
  4. Touchable – undetectable and completely natural to the touch
  5. Versatile – wear and style, without fear of revealing attachments, no  need to remove even when doing color touch up to natural hair.
  6. Comfortable – no pain or discomfort… from the moment they are applied
  7. Convenient – professionally attached and removed in less than an hour.
  8. Durable – may be worn up to three months
  9. Flexible – Can be comfortably and invisibly applied very high on the head

Keywords: Hair Extensions