Foto Centre products and services

By: Foto Centre  11-11-2011

Foto Centre is a professional photographic laboratory catering for both professional and serious amateur photographers.

Using the latest Agfa d-Lab.2 Digital Laboratory, prints of the highest possible standard can be produced from film and a wide variety of Digital Media such as Compact Flash, SD Card, XD Picture card, PCMCIA Memory cards, Memory Stick, Flash Disk, CD and DVD disks and many more.

Services include developing and printing of both Colour and Black & White films (APS, 35mm and 120 formats), processing of Slides and printing of Digital Enlargements on photographic paper up to 30cm x 45cm.

We also print from film and digital prints up to 112cm x 3.2 metres on paper, canvas, vinyl, back lit film, banner materials and many more.

All work is completed to professional standards, including retouching of the finished prints. Due to this attention to exacting standards, a "one-hour" service is only offered when workload permits, however we do cater for emergencies and special occasions for our regular customers.

Beautifully bound photobooks are produced to the highest possible satndards to turn weddings, christenings, special birthdays and other special events into lifelong memories.