Vaser liposelection and liposuction

Vaser liposelection and liposuction from Dr.Mike Henry, Benoni.

By: Dr.Mike Henry, Benoni.  07-21-2012
Keywords: Cosmetic Surgery, Body Sculpting, Vaser liposelection

Vaser lipo-selection is a 21st century ultrasound technology that enables the liposuction surgeon to shake loose the excess fat cells from the surrounding tissue without damaging the nerves or blood vessels.The excess fat is then surgically suctioned out using fine liposuction cannulas that enter via tiny skin incisions.The surgeon is able to finely sculpt the contours of the underlying body parts.The harvested fat cells are still alive and can be implanted into ares of fat deficincy so that vaser assisted liposculpture is a truly 3D medical art-form.Areas amenable to this technology include the entire body. See for more information and before and after pictures.

Keywords: Body Sculpting, Cosmetic Surgery, Dr.Mike Henry, Vaser liposelection, Vaser Liposuction,

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