We Make the Hard Stuff EASY!

By: Dimavision  03-02-2016
Keywords: Machine Tool Accessories, Amborite

Dimavision was established in 2011, with the primary focus being on supplying customers with sustainable solutions to numerous hard metal cutting conditions. We do this by offering superior products to our clients and assisting them to make use of those products in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. Dimavision is a market leader in the design and supply of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) cutting tools and machine tool accessories. Our organisation is invested in a portfolio of differentiated, complimentary and focused machining formats, each dependent on a vanguard of manufacturing processes. Cost effective technology and engineering excellence drives our price leadership position. Since our inception, we have endeavoured and succeeded in growing our market share within the submersible pump industry, particularly in the slurry pump sector where the castings compromise of a minimum of 27% Chrome in hardened conditions. The foundation of our business model is the relentless ethical pursuit in promoting our customers interests through sharing an assemblage of capabilities, resources and information. The extensive application know-how of our technical team will ensure you achieve longevity; efficiency of operation and a reduction in your machining costs.

Keywords: Amborite, Machine Tool Accessories