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By: Amtech  11-11-2011
Keywords: Refractory Engineers, Reduce Operational Costs

Amtech (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company specialising in the supply of certain technology and products to various industries. With process and refractory engineers in the business structures, we offer clients a range of products and services with a view to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies where possible.

We offer a suite of products for various furnaces, EAF, converter, ladle and tundish applications including electrodes, refractory both shaped and monolithic as required together with metallurgical products as required.We have also expanded our products to include various related consumables for industry as required. With specialisy sourcing in various parts of the globe, Amtech is well positioned to assist clients in developing supply chains.

    • Magnesia based Refractory brick
    • Magnesia carbon Refractory brick
    • Magnesia chrome Refractory brick
    • Alumina-magnesia chrome brick
    • Magnesia dolomite Refractory brick
    • Alumina based Refractory brick
    • Insulating Refactory brick
    • Hot repair refractory mixes
    • Caster and ladle refractories
    • Tundish tundish working lining
    • Tundish furniture - basic and alumina silicate based
    • Black refractories (Ladle shroud, stopper and SEN)
    • Holloware for ingot casting (alumina silicate based)
    • Colloidal silica Refractory technology - Magneco Metrel (Inc)
    • Stainless steel fibre for various applications
    • Copper moulds for caster and other
    • Ceramsite (ceramic foundry sand)
    • Grinding media (grinding rod and grinding bar)
    • Tundish covers - active and insulating
    • Metal treatment additives (CaSi wire, FeB wire)
    • Aluminium ingot or granules
Graphite electrodes for furnace applications including ladle furnace and open arc furnace.

Graphite Electrodes & Nipples are the most important conductors used in the electric smelting industry, which exhibit properties of superior electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Manufactured from premium raw materials imported from Japan and produced using German technology, we ensure that our products are of 1st quality first time round.

Other Specifications of Graphite Electrodes & Nipples:
RP, IP, HP and SHP Grades.Technical data available on request.
Detailed specifications and quotations on request.
Detailed specifications and quotations on request.


Materials are sourced directly from partner manufacturers across the globe. Relationships with manufacturers have been developed over the last number of years and price competitive solutions have been achieved through an ongoing process of supplier development and material sourcing. We have also developed technical partners where required to ensure quality control and technical developments take place together with our projects in this region.

The following products are competitively marketed into the region with highly developed manufacturers:

  • Magnesia based Refractory brick
  • Magnesia carbon Refractory brick (suitable for EAF, BOF, FeMn converter and ladle applications)
  • Magnesia chrome Refractory brick (a full range from direct bonded, SFG to RFG grades available)
  • Alumina-magnesia carbon brick
  • Magnesia dolomite Refractory brick
  • Alumina based Refractory brick (A full range available)
  • Insulating Refactory brick
  • Refractory Castables
  • Light weight castables (suitable for burner lids - density 1.9mt/M3 - temperatures up to 1730 C)
  • Hot repair refractory mixes (magnesia dolomite based repair mixes)
One of the manufacturing plants in partnership with Amtech (Pty) Ltd

Keywords: Reduce Operational Costs, Refractory Engineers,