Mikamed - cast

By: Mikamed  11-11-2011

Product Features
  • Light weight and strong protection
  • Lighter and stronger than traditional plaster of paris bandage
  • weight : 1/5 -thickness : 1/3 -strength : 20 times stronger
  • Improves ventilation and free from water/humidity which leads to patient discomfort
  • Easy to check the process of bone-union using X- ray without removing cast
  • Short setting time and easy smooth finish moulding by virtue of slippery agent contained
  • Excellent protective rigidity againt unexpected / sudden impact
  • Easy application and mouldable
MK - 3702 2" x 4yds
(5cm x 3.6cm)
casting tape
MK - 3703 3" x 4yds
(7.cm x 3.6cm)
casting tape
MK - 3704 4" x 4yds
(10cm x 3.6cm)
casting tape
MK - 3705 5" x 4yds
(12.5cm x 3.6cm)
casting tape
Application Technique
  • Apply stockinette and underlaying cast padding over the wounded part, Open only one aluminum pouch at a time with gloved hands which will prevent from the resin adhering to the skin
  • Immerse the roll for 5~10 seconds in room temperature water (21~25C) Squeezing the roll two to three times during immersion will speed up the setting time. Depend on the temperature of water, the setting time can be adjusted. The warmer water shortens the setting time and the cooler water makes it slow.
  • Overlap spirally the roll by one half to two-thirds the width of the roll within 2~3 minutes. Mould and finish the cast by contouring as desired
  • Cover white net to protect skin from scratching to be borne by the danger of cast wrinkle.For weight bearing, additional 10~15 minutes will be required

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