By: Mikamed  11-11-2011

The BoneHOG™ is the Bone and Marrow Collection System (BMCS) and instrumentation. The BMCS consists of a cylindrical device that guides the drilling of bone while aseptically collecting bone and marrow cuttings for autogenous graft or diagnostic use. It has universal application to the minimally invasive harvest of autogenous bone for orthopaedic, neuologic, oral and maxillofacial surgery. The cuttings consist of marrow tissue, bone matrix, cells and proteins that are normally present in bone.

Typical Harvest Sites Include:

  • Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
  • Tubercle of the Iliac Crest
  • Proximal Tibial Metaphysis
  • Proximal Ulna Harvest
  • Calcaneal Harvest

The BoneHOG™ features include:

  • a minimally invasive autogenous bone harvest
  • a dynamic wiper to clean the drill flutes
  • a high twist rate drill to auger bone into the BMCS
  • harvest visualization
  • volume measurement
  • several BMCS and drill styles for different clinical requirements
  • a container for tissue protection from environmental contaminants
  • protection for the surgeons hand and glove
  • a disposable collection device
  • reusable surgical instruments

The BMCS is a sterile disposable unit, which consists of a clear housing with volumetric indication, a metal tip, and a break away cap.

Instrument case

(Model #IC-001)

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