Employee Wellness Programme

Employee Wellness Programme from LifeLine Ekurhuleni

By: LifeLine Ekurhuleni  11-07-2011
Keywords: Community Development


Employee Wellness Programme (EWP)

v     The EWP is focusing on providing a comprehensive wellness programme to corporate . The aim is to work with corporate to create an environment within which their employees are at peace and well. Through EWP intervention we assist employers to understand underlying issues that may impact employee productivity thus leading to future sustainability of the company.  

v     Our focus is on providing:

ü      24 hour counseling line

ü      Incident related counseling intervention

ü      Wellness support intervention

ü      Peer Education on HIV & AIDS, Substance Abuse, Workplace Bullying

ü      Utilization of community services as an extension of our offering

v     LifeLine customizes its employee wellness programme offering according to client need.

Key offering

Incident related services

These services assist clients who require assistance post a traumatic incident:

v     Access to 24 hour telephonic counseling services

v     Face to face counseling

v     Trauma support and counseling

v     Group trauma support

v     VCT (HIV pre & post test counselling)

 Wellness support

These services are geared to equip the individual with tools to deal with issues themselves, building their resilience and emotional wellness.  It also promotes sustained risk reduction behavior changes to individuals, families and communities at large. The offering provides education and awareness on:

v        HIV & AIDS issues

v        Dealing with trauma

v        General emotional wellbeing

v        Dealing  with financial stress

v        Suicide and depression management

v        Substance abuse

v        Self injury behavior

v        Peer pressure

v        Conflict and anger management

v        Personal growth course which broadens ones insight    

       Into self and others

Our Approach


Lifeline’s approach is person-centred focusing on the client’s need.  We deal with what the client brings to the fore to be addressed.   Through-out our process client needs guide all interventions.

We conduct our business based on its ethical guidelines. We treat every intervention and discussion with utmost confidentiality and any communication is based on what

Keywords: Community Development