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By: Kasama Events  11-16-2010
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Courses available in the following Category:

Logistics Management

Public Financial Management Accounting and Auditing

General Management Courses for the Public Service Human Resources Development

Health and Safety Administration and Secretarial

Courses Specifically Designed for the Public Sector:
Public Supply Chain Management
Municipal Supply Chain Management  
Public Acquisition Management - Procurement and Bidding (Tender) Procedures  
Public Asset Management  
Public Transport and Fleet Management
Public Facilities Management
Public Warehouse Management  
Stocktaking and Loss Control in the Public Service
 Disposal Management in the Public Service
 Procurement Management for Capital Projects -
 Facilities and Construction Works in the Public Service  
Strategic and Operational Planning for Public Service Budgeting
 Public Financial Management and Legislation Policies  
Public Financial Management Policy - Formulation and Implementation
Public Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
PFMA and Treasury Regulations: Interpretation, Implementation and Compliance
Risk Management and the Internal Control in the Public Service Performance Measurement and Management  
Monitoring and Evaluation 
  Credit Control and Debt Collection
Financial Management of Capital Projects
Corporate and Institutional Governance in the Public Service
Fundamentals of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations  
Numeracy Skills for Accounting
Basic Financial Accounting  
Advanced Aspects of Public Service Accounting Costing Internal Auditing:
An Introduction   People Management:
Leadership in the Workplace  
Labour Relations in the Public Service  
Managing Private and Public Partnerships (PPP's) 
Project Management for the Public Service  

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