Life and Wellness Coaching

Life and Wellness Coaching from The Trauma Counsellor

By: The Trauma Counsellor  03-28-2014
Keywords: Health Care, Personal Development, Life Coaching

- Is your life stuck in a rut? - Are you disappointed by your lagging career? - Do you feel like you're not living up to your fullest potential? - Are you feeling as if something is missing in your life? - Do you feel as if you are not good enough? - Do you feel as if you do not belong here? - Are you always frustrated? - Feeling suicidal? - Need to overcome bad habits? Then maybe what you need is a Coach. Just like the Coaches who push athletes to achieve greatness in sports, Life and Wellness Coaches push their clients to achieve success in their career, relationships or lifestyle. Unlike sports coaches, life and wellness coaches don't focus on changing specific behaviours, like correcting a bad swing in baseball. Instead, they develop their clients' overall strengths and abilities, according to the International Coach Federation. That's the governing organization for the coaching profession

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