Self Actualisation Workshops

By: The Forum  02-09-2010
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The Forum is a workshop of Self Actualisation held over two consecutive days. 

The Forum is not some “run-of-the-mill hodgepodge pseudo motivational course” ...

It is Psychology in Action .... It is a experiential workshop based upon the works of Victor Frankel, with the resultant being the freedom to be absolutely at ease no matter where you are, who you're with, or what the circumstances may be … Forever more …  

It is specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your life, with these shifts becoming the direct cause for a new and unique kind of freedom and power.  

You will realise the power to finally truly be in control and action effectively the areas that are important to you and your life, namely;
·        The quality of your relationships.
·        The confidence with which you conduct your life.
·        The level of your personal productivity.
·        The experience of the differences you make.
·        The degree to which you enjoy your life.  

The structure of The Forum is one of an open forum of discussion, a series of games and music, it is fun and collaborative.  It is not a formal lecture, motivational technique or therapy; it's simply a powerful accelerated learning experience....  a process of actualisation..... As such, it cannot be reduced to a simple explanation, nonetheless, participants do overwhelmingly report that it is one of Lives Most Rewarding Experiences ... and that their participation in The Forum yielded far more than mere insights or improvements, in that it provided lasting results that continue to expand and unfold over time.  

The Forum is conducted in structured environment with guided dialogue between Instructors and Participants in groups of between 8 and 20 people. Participants are encouraged to wear casual comfortable clothing and the Syllabus Structure / Topics covered are as follows;  
·        Orientation and Overview
·        The Hidden Power of Context
·        Vicious Circles
·        The Illusions of Someday
·        The Myths of Belief Systems
·        Opening New Worlds
·        Freedom from Anxiety
·        How Identities are Constructed
·        Past Influences 
·        Change and Transformation
·        The Power of Language
·        The Nature of Choice
·        New Possibililities and Access to the Extraordinary
·        Dealing with Breakdowns
·        Transformation as a way of Living    

This is a profound weekend experience ... With guaranteed results!

Other than the investment of a weekend ... What have you got to lose? Certainly with a money back guarantee ... You can only benefit.  

Looking forward to meeting with you at the next one …  

Please visit our web site for more information or give us a call on 082-957-8971

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