Q Display | Beltrac Queuing System is the worlds most advanced public guidance and control system and has been developed to meet official safety regul

By: Q Display  11-11-2011
Keywords: Public Guidance

The Beltrac Queuing System is the worlds most advanced public guidance and control system and has been developed to meet official safety regulations. It is also the strongest, most durable and effective system on the market today.

The Beltrac System is distributed worldwide through officially appointed and approved distributors. Q Display is the only distributor outside the USA to manufacture under license, and subsequently offer a local product made to international standards.

The Beltrac System is the next generation of Public Guidance Systems. The posts are versatile, easy to use and built to last. Beltrac features a barrier belt that retracts completely within the post. The Beltrac wall mounted unit can be used to close off checkout counters and entrances and will eliminate the need for unsightly chains and signs.

The Beltrac frame panels are easy to change and finished to match the posts. The unique sign mounting mechanism can be positioned in eight different directions for the best viewing angle. Belts can be silk-screened for display of logos and/or messages to reinforce company identity. Belts are available in a variety of belt and silk-screen colours.

The belt mechanism on the Beltrac system has been developed and tested throughout high volume traffic areas worldwide, i.e. airports, train stations, bus terminals, banks, cinemas, retail environments and other areas that are exposed to public traffic and require a convenient and flexible guidance system.

Our bases use a secure base-lock mechanism that ensures that the post can be securely fastened in the base. It will not move unless a specially supplied tool is utilised.

Our belt mechanism has been upgraded and includes

a new feeding sleeve that prevents the belt from getting frayed. Unlike conventional systems, the Beltrac system provides years of trouble free usage.

The Beltrac System has proved that it is a far superior product, and it has been documented throughout all application areas that the Beltrac System remains the original, most aesthetically pleasing and modern of all public guidance and queuing systems.

Throughout South Africa the Beltrac system is used exclusively in all cinemas, at international airports and in the majority of all banks. Furthermore a large variety of retail outlets and many government or municipal areas use the Beltrac system extensively.

The Beltrac system is proving popular in neighbouring African countries, and many blue chip clients are using the system. The efforts to support a product with a ‘local’ content not only afford good value, but it is also significant in developing business in Africa.

The Traditional System is designed and factory assembled to tight specifications to assure extra durability and fast, easy set-up in any area. With a variety of finishes, rope choices and many other accessories, this system is ideal for any application.

Keywords: Public Guidance