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In this day and age, your assets are at constant risk of loss and crime. provides effective asset recovery through intelligent wireless GSM and GPRS communication and asset location across the GSM and GPS systems.

Previously, asset recovery was largely limited to vehicle tracking and, as such, a truck would often be recovered having already been stripped of its valuable load. ETS provides complete vehicle, asset and cargo tracking through our unique wireless asset recovery solution.

We have pleasure in submitting  the following breakdown of Mtrack’s products.


Mtrack is a self contained, self-powered, wireless location unit.

  • Due to its portability and size, Mtrack is easy to conceal on whatever item, container, vehicle or other asset which needs to be secured or tracked.
  • Mtrack is wireless and can easily be installed by the user.
  • Mtrack has a self contained battery and therefore does not need an external power source. On a typical sleep cycle of every 60 minutes, the battery lasts for 10 to 14 months.
  • The devices can be viewed to street level on the Internet.
  • Mtrack is transferable – i.e. it is a fully portable solution that can be moved from asset to asset.
  • Using the GSM network, Mtrack is not as easy to shield as GPS based systems. Unlike GPS, stolen goods can be traced inside vehicles, indoors, outdoors, and even underground such as in car parks, basements and garages. Mtrack does not need to "see the sky".
  • Mtrack has sub 1 metre accuracy.

MtrackPro Asset Tracking And Recovery Unit

  • MtrackPro is available in a wireless and a wired version.
  • MtrackPro has a GPS chipset in addition to a GSM modem and radio frequency beacon.
  • Uses GPRS as primary communication technology. (SMS is the backup)
  • MtrackPro wireless has a self contained battery and therefore does not need an external power source. On a typical sleep cycle of every 60 minutes, the battery lasts for 6 to 10 months.
  • MtrackPro wired has no power limitations and therefore can give unlimited per second reporting of movement and position
  • The devices can be viewed to street level on the Internet.
  • MtrackPro wireless is transferable – i.e. it is a fully portable solution that can be moved from asset to asset.
  • If the GPS system is unavailable (like indoors for example), MtrackPro will automatically change to GSM location. The tracking ability of MtrackPro is therefore not compromised irrespective of location.
  • MtrackPro has sub 1 meter accuracy.

MtrackFleet Unit

MtrackFleet is ideally suited for the fleet owner/manager who needs a real-time solution to control movable assets, drivers and vehicles. The solution boasts a wide array of functionalities for vehicle maintenance (service intervals etc) and operation control (real time fuel consumption, driver abuse, on board vehicle management, on board images, driver comms etc).

MtrackFleet forms part of the Mtrack range designed to address many of the operational challenges prevalent amongst the commercial fleets. These include asset tracking and recovery, basic activity monitoring, reduction of the operating costs and enhancing the management of the Supply Chain. (As always, we strongly recommend adding an Mtrack wireless device if asset recovery is of paramount importance).


Real Time Vehicle Data

Using its onboard dual receiver Global Positioning System (GPS), MtrackFleet provides accurate location information. Additional information includes ignition/engine on/off, trip data, driver identification, input status, output control, speeding, odometer and polled positions.

Vehicles can be tracked both actively and historically.

Driver Management

Active monitoring of abusive driver behaviour within the user-defined parameters includes excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding, vehicle tow alert and over-revving. The analysed information provides the operator with a valuable tool to minimize fuel and maintenance costs while maximizing safety. Driver identification and Panic button are optional.

Zone Management

Monitoring of entry and exit to user-defined geofences. Geofences are software and hardware based (hardware based geofences handle the real-time alarms, and software based geofences handle exception monitoring in the web-based application) It also caters for categorisation (i.e. identification of customers, fuel stations, depots, POI etc.). there are 64 user defined geo fences on the hardware (unlimited on software) and it supports circular, rectangular and polygonal geofencing.

GSM Jamming Detection

MtrackFleet detects and reports if any GSM jamming devices are trying to block its communication.

GPS Jamming Detection

If GPS jamming is detected, the unit will report this.

Antenna Tamper Detection

If the GPS antenna is tampered with the unit will report this.

Accident Detection and Reconstruction

MtrackFleet has a built-in 3-axis G-Sensor which, when triggered because of excessive forces due to an accident, will send an alert to Mtrack’s control room. It is also possible to get a detailed reconstruction of events before and after the G-Sensor was triggered.

Vehicle Management

The vehicle data provided via CANBus includes essential information such as odometer, trip distance, fuel management, water and oil pressures, engine hours, service notification etc. (CANBus compatibility is dependent on manufacturer specifications).

Older vehicles (pre 2004) can benefit from input measurement via our additional analogue input unit (for fuel measurement and any sensor activities based on the normal open or closed circuit signal measurement).

Communications methods

Voice communication with the driver can be obtained via a microphone and speaker installed in the vehicle which allows for inbound calls only. Calls must be made from a dedicated number.

Connecting a Garmin FMI device enables the following communication features:

  • Two way SMS communication between controller and driver.
  • Driver can respond with pre-programmed SMS messages (e.g. Arrived at destination).
  • Task assignment with destination position sent to the Garmin FMI device which then automatically routes the driver there from his current position.
  • Send messages to driver which requires a response from him. (e.g. Have you arrived at ABC?: Yes/No) The selected response is sent back to the controller.

Audio Surveillance

Listening in on situations in the vehicle via the onboard microphone is possible.


The web-base offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive because of the Java runtime platform (JRE) and AJAX loader.

Simple Reports

Extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.


·         A reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based

·         Access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world 

·         Free – no software to be purchased or loaded onto PC’s

This is a very powerful and flexible application in the sense that Managers get to decide what users or user groups get to see and get to use. Because of its web-based nature, maintenance, access and usage are absolutely effortless.

Most people are familiar with the concept of an RFID tag (radio frequency identification) - an electronic tag that communicates with a reader when it is in range and the reader indicates when the tag is out of range. At Mtrack we have always believed that it is of limited value to know that an asset has gone missing if you are then unable to recover that asset!  A typical RFID system is made up of three components: tags, readers and the host computer system.

The MtrackTag is a small radio device encapsulated in epoxy or a plastic casing dependent upon its intended usage. The MtrackTag can be attached to any object, typically an item, box or pallet and read remotely to ascertain its identity, position or state.

MtrackTag can detect proximity, movement and temperature.

As an industry first, MtrackTag is also equipped with a trackable RF beacon similar to the one that Mtrack itself uses. This makes it possible to track the tagged asset with the same recovery teams and equipment used to recover our Mtrack units - albeit at shorter ranges (approx 1.5 km) and with less battery life - but it still gives us a fighting chance to make a recovery - infinitely better than no chance at all!

With MtrackTag, our transceiver sends and receives RF data to and from the tag. In other words there is a bidirectional communication between the transceiver and the MtrackTag.

Also unique is the fact that with MtrackTag, the transceiver is in fact a tracking device itself. This means that the transceiver itself can be hidden in high value assets as well, which can then be recovered in the event of a loss.

The end-user will be alerted via the Mtrack web-based application or SMS message once the tagged asset violates its conditions (proximity or temperature moving outside the predefined range, moving at all etc.)

The data acquired by the readers is then passed to a host computer. In the case of MtrackTag, this front end is the standard Mtrack web based system, accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • The transceiver is an MtrackPro GSM/GPS tracking device
  • Can read multiple tags with one transceiver (up to 50)
  • The MtrackTag has built-in intelligence that offers over-the-air user configurable range setting, motion sensing and temperature alerts.
  • The range of the MtrackTag can be customised, allowing monitoring of assets in close or far proximity to each other. MtrackTag is configurable from 10 metres to 1,000 metres away from the transceiver.
  • MtrackTag is able to detect movement. Clients can be alerted when unauthorised movement takes place.
  • MtrackTag is able to report temperature and has the ability to warn users when a preset temperature parameter has been violated such as in refrigerated storage conditions.
  • Through the RF beacon MtrackTag is trackable by our recovery agents (Approximately 1.5km).
  • MtrackTag can poll the transceiver at predetermined intervals. All settings are user defined and can be changed remotely.
  • The general proximity of the tags is viewable on the system maps.
  • The system is web based and can be viewed by the user from anywhere in the world.
  • MtrackTag does not need line-of-sight to operate. This means that the MtrackTag no longer has to be visible on the object to which it is attached; the tag can be hidden inside the item or asset that is to be identified and still be read. This minimises or eliminates the need for a person to have to present the tag to the transceiver.
  • Another feature of MtrackTag is the ability to read many tags together at once. It is not necessary to present each tag to the reader separately (as is required for barcodes for example).
  • Typical battery life of each MtrackTag is 1 year.
  • MtrackTags report remaining battery life as part of their daily health check.
  • MtrackTag is available in a disposable and battery replaceable models

Applications fall into two principal categories: short-range applications where the transceiver and tag must be in close proximity (such as in access control) and medium to long application, where the distance may be greater (such as monitoring assets along a stretch of road). Examples include:

Logistics and Manufacturing

  • Monitoring of pallets and cases shipped into and out of distribution centres, clients warehouses, entering and leaving trucks etc.
  • Electronic "stocktaking" of items in an area
  • Anti theft/stock access control
  • Staff Authentication
  • Shop floor inventory tracking
  • Automating warehouse operations, including shipping / receiving.

Asset Tracking

  • Asset/Equipment movement tracking
  • Security for moveable assets

Personnel Identification

  • Access control
  • Animal tagging

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