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By: Iqlaser  11-11-2011
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Scanning Solutions

A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (i.e. colour). The collected data can then be used to construct digital, three dimensional models useful for a wide variety of applications. These devices are used extensively by the entertainment industry in the production of movies and video games.

Other common applications of this technology include industrial design, orthotics and prosthetics, reverse engineering and prototyping, quality control/inspection, documentation of cultural artifacts, and "as built" industrial plants.


The fundamental principle used by photogrammetry is triangulation. By taking photographs from at least two different locations, so-called "lines of sight" can be developed from each camera to points on the object. These lines of sight are mathematically intersected to produce 3-dimensional coordinates of the points of interest. Triangulation is also the principle used by theodolites for coordinate measurement. If you are familiar with these instruments, you will find many similarities (and some differences) between photogrammetry and theodolites. Even closer to home, triangulation is also the way your two eyes work together to gauge distance (called depth perception).

Portable CMM's

  • Faro Arms
    The FARO Arms high accuracy renders traditional CMM's, hand tools and other portable inspection equipment obsolete! Anyone, anywhere can inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-Part-analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with previously unheard of precision. When you partner that accuracy with its adaptable technology and customized 3D measurement software, it is ideal for forming, moulding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing based 3D measurements, advanced GD&T or CAD-to-Part inspection.
  • Faro Laser Trackers
    The Laser Tracker is a portable contact measurement system that uses laser technology to accurately measure parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It enables manufacturing, engineering and quality control professionals to measure and align parts, assemblies, and machinery on-site, in-process, or wherever it is most efficient and cost-effective. The tracker uses a laser distance meter and two rotating axes to track the exact position of a mirrored spherical probe that is guided along the object to be measured. High accuracy encoders measure the horizontal and vertical angles while state-of-the-art laser technology determines the distance from the tracker head to the sphere.
  • Faro Gages
    The basic idea of the FARO Gage is to personalise 3D measurement. What does this mean? 3D measurements in general are performed on CMMs in measurement rooms, these machines are complex, inflexible and bottle necks for production. Waiting times and higher production costs are the result.Alternatives include hand tools and combinations of support fixtures and hand tools, which allow approximately the same measurements as CMMs. The reliability and reproducibility of these methods is questionable as user errors and improper usage are daily occurrences. The FARO Gage replaces traditional measurement tools and increases measurement flexibility.Writing reports is one of the most disliked activities. Omissions and errors in the documentation of measurements cause reduced reproducibility and traceability of the results and processes. Using the FARO Gage these issues do not even occur as 1D-, 2D- and 3D-measurements can easily be carried out and reports can be produced automatically. Productivity is improved following the reduction in measurement times and automated reporting. The name FARO Gage is based on the applications it serves. Gage is a replacement for hand tools like callipers, height gauges, micrometers, etc., bringing all these various tools into one! Even statistical process control and GD&T are included in the system.

Optical & Multisensor CMM's

Flexible measuring solutions through:

  • building block system designs adapted to specific application needs
  • extraordinary flexibility with up to six full CNC linear and rotary
  • axes coupled with the widest array of optical, tactile, and hybrid measuring sensors available in the world today
  • powerful, modular, and user friendly MS Windows-based WinWerth® measuring software for easy operation
  • advanced PC-based control technology
  • highest accuracies, lowest uncertainties and repeatabilites due to precision engineered design and utilization of rigid granite construction, high stiffness air bearing guideways, kinematically mounted assemblies and highly optimized opto-electronic hardware and firmware
  • outstanding price/performance ratio


IQ laser offers a wide variety of software for use with the many applications of its products. 

Keywords: Laser, Laser Tracker