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By: Business Options  11-26-2010
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Working with our Business Options Consultants and Associates, helps you acquire a clearer sense
of direction for your business and a greater peace of mind for yourself. This new state of being is
the direct result of a collaborative effort by you, your staff, and your Business Options Advisor.
This collaboration of forces enables your Business Options Advisor to explore all facets of your
business by comparing your business practices to the best business practices employed by
successful companies. This benchmarking analysis highlights the areas of your business that need
more attention in order for you to realise increased profitability and to enhance the value for your business.

Our Guiding ValuesBusiness Options guiding values are based on this fact - We only recommend solutions and implement actions that are in the long-term best interest of our clients. Business Options Consultants experience, skills, and knowledge, as well as, our ability to gain a total understanding of you and your business, ensures that we are able to provide you with valuable solutions and implement actions that produce improved results. Our ApproachThe Business Options approach does not reflect a “cookie-cutter” or "one size fits all" style. The Business Options style is strictly personal. Business Options approach is first centered on you - the owner, the entrepreneur, the leader. Then, our focus shifts to your business. The Business Options consulting engagement, with you and your company, is one that is based on a written agreement of confidentially, non-disclosure and non-compete. This agreement establishes the foundation of trust, openness, honesty, professionalism, and commitment that is necessary for our relationship and the engagement to be successful. We believe this policy ensures client confidence and integrity.Our UniquenessBusiness Options offers a unique blend of technical, analytical, and practical hands-on assistance that is comprehensive in scope and well-supported with years of business experience. Business Options Consultants and Associates work with clients that own and operate manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses that usually employ fewer than 500 employees. Business Options prides itself in developing long-term relationships with its clients. The Business Options Enterprise Support Program provides you, our client, with ongoing “hands-on” advice and guidance combined with practical and structured implementation. Business Options and Associates will help you in your decision making process by providing you with innovative ideas, broad resources, and proven advice from experienced entrepreneurs who have “been there” and “done that.” Making informed decisions is the name of the game in business. However, you do not always have the luxury of time to research the matter or have the available staff to implement the new strategy.Certain business situations demand that you make prompt decisions and effectively implement them. As the business owner, these decisions fall squarely on your shoulders. In most cases, businesses like yours-- with fewer than 500 employees - do not have the benefit of a Board of Directors to turn to for advice and guidance. With Business Options Consultants and Associates, acting as your Virtual Board of Directors, you receive the benefit of our well-rounded experiences. Business Options and Associates provide objective insights and fresh perspectives that will help you make more informed business decisions with confidence.

Keywords: Business, Business Consulting, Business Services