Earthnlove Anti Cellulite Contouring Creme

Earthnlove Anti Cellulite Contouring Creme from Earthnlove Cosmetics

By: Earthnlove Cosmetics  03-16-2010
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Earthnlove Anti Cellulite Contouring Crème contains the ultimate combination
of natural ingredients for the effective relief of water retention and
facilitation of the cellulite breakdown process. It is a rich, non-greasy
contouring crème that contains a scientifically researched
synergy of the following potent essential oils: Fennel, Grapefruit,
Juniper Berry, Cape Geranium and natural moisturising factors.
Fennel essential oil acts as a diuretic, removing excess water, it
speeds-up the cellulite breakdown process. It is appreciated for its
ability to have strong cleansing, tightening and toning effects on the
skin and muscles.
Grapefruit essence stimulates the lymphatic system and assists in
cleansing the body of toxins, excess water and fatty deposits,
thereby assisting with the elimination of cellulite.
The primary action of Juniper Berry essential oil is detoxification; it
stimulates the lymphatic system to relieve water retention and
hasten the cellulite breakdown process.
Cape Geranium oil is known to have a balancing and corrective
effect on the liver and kidneys, it is known to be highly effective in
detoxifying the system and in assisting with weight loss and cellulite

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