Proffession Drain Cleaning Kit

Proffession Drain Cleaning Kit from Sabricon

By: Sabricon  02-25-2014
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The Proffessional Drain Cleaning Kit. Contains: 10 x 1m High Tensile Spring Steel 6mm sewer rods fitted with two male and one female case hardened and zinc plated coupling 1 x Tommy Bar 1 x Rod Assembly Spanner 1 x Rubber Plunger 1 x Standard Single Worm 63mm Each rod is provided with one female and two male couplings. To attach a second rod to the first rod, insert the bent portion of the rod into the hole in the female coupling of the second rod. Now slide the male coupling along the rod and screw the male coupling onto the female coupling, tightening by hand. Insert the Tommy bar into the hole in the centre of the female coupling. Use the spanner to tighten the male coupling. (Note tools attached in a similar method to that of the rods). In order to maintain your Sabricon Drain Cleaning Kit it is recommended that after using the kit the rods are cleaned and oiled, powerful anti-corrosion oil, such as SPIN-OFF penetrating oil, will lengthen the life span of the Sabricon rods. In the initial stages you will not know what tool to use on the rods first. After some experience with clearing blockages, you will notice a pattern developing on some lines such as continually having to remove roots from certain pipes. In these cases you will be able to guess accurately as to the correct tool to use. However for most part the first time you put the rods down the pipe it will be to “feel” the blockage. What you will need to assess is whether the blockage is caused by soft materials or rocks, bricks and other hard materials. With the first insertion, put a single worm screw on the end of the rods. When you insert the rods use the Tommy bar to turn the rods. This screwing action will aid in moving the rods around the bends in the pipes. When the blockage is encountered, continue to turn the rods. (A) If the rods continue to turn but it becomes more difficult to turn them, then the blockage is caused by soft materials .Try pulling back on the rods to see if you can dislodge the blockage. (B) If it moves, then continue to pull until the tool is removed from the pipe. The items causing the blockage should be caught in the tool. If the pipe is still blocked then repeat the procedure until the water begins to flow. When the water begins to flow again, then insert the rubber plunger to clean out any remaining bits of rubbish. (C) If it only comes back a short way and jams, then the blockage is most likely to be caused by roots. A way to check this is to see if there are any trees or shrubs growing above or nearby the pipe. In this case you rotate the rods in the opposite direction to free the tool and take the rods out of the pipe. Replace the worm’s crew with a root auger. The root auger is available in the Sabricon Root Clearing Tool Kit or as a loose item.

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