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By: Sky-Media Advertising   04-15-2013
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Sky-Media Advertising : Shopping Centre Advertising

What are theadvantages of Live/Digital Advertising in Shopping Centres?

Shoppers like to watch and it is no surprise consumers tuneinto digital screens in shopping centres – it is after all their favoritemedium at home too.

As leisure destinations, with high dwell times and manyshoppers who are already in the ideal mindset to explore, Shopping Centresprovide the perfect mix of conditions for interactive engagement with DigitalScreens in Shopping Mall environments.

This advertising medium is better suited to reachingdifferent demographic groups than other forms of advertising and helps cast awider geographic net towards a specific kind of customer.

Sky-Media Advertising's Advertising Screens in ShoppingCentres offer Business Owners a very cost effective way of reaching thousandsof Shoppers every day.

Why Advertise withus?

We are sure this is a question asked by every Business Ownerat some stage in their business endeavors. Sky-Media Advertising offersBusiness Owners many good reasons to advertise on our Live/Digital AdvertisingScreens in Shopping Centres.

Our Screens will be placed strategically in Shopping Centresand will provide the following advantages to Businesses:

·        Very Cost Effective Medium - please see our AdvertisingRates.

·        Create awareness, customer desire or interest.

·        Broaden your customer base.

·        Encourage potential NEW customers to contactyou.

·        Remind EXISTING customers that you are stillaround.

·        Boost your sales.

·        Build the Company or Brand image.

·        Launch a new product.

·        Inform EXISTING and NEW customers of yourspecial offers.

·        Target ideal customers, high circulationconcentrated.

Bio Friendly - NO paper wasting.

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