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SoilTech is used all over the world for the stabilization of base and sub base layers. Roads can be built three times quicker with a substantial saving compared to traditional cement stabilization.

Can be used for: Road stabilization, hard stands, container depots, airstrips.

Polymer based "asphalt" - apply thinner seals and reduce costs.

No bleeding in the heat.

Cold application.

Used to spray onto stabilized dirt roads to minimize and form a clear protective layer with a natural look. Ideal for game parks or nature reserves.

Normally a pre-packaged cold application used to repair potholes. Excellent as a job creation product tool.

(Before picture) Eliminate dust. Cost effective seal. Simple mix with water and spray over the area. A film is formed over the soil, binding the sand particles. A colour tint can be applied to the product.

(After picture) Helicopter landing in dust-free environment. DusTech is re-applied every 18 months or so, subject to actual wear and tear. Can be used on mines, dirt roads.

SealTech polymer is used to seal cracks in pools, sealing of canals and dams.

Industry leader in polymer road stabilization

..Stabilizing the Future..

Keywords: Polymer