Noni Super Fruit Overall Tonic

Noni Super Fruit Overall Tonic from Nutrifruitlabs

By: Nutrifruitlabs  01-19-2010
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 Noni is traditionally recognised for its adaptogenic ,aphrodisiac, urogenital astringent, analgesic,hypotensive,digestive stimulant and diuretic properties. It has a tonifying action on the reproductive, urinary,musculoskeletal and central nervous system functions.Polynesian healers have been using Noni  Fruit (Morinda citrifolia) to treat the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. It has a strong healing history in India, South East Asia,and Australia. Our modern lifestyle and diet  tend to generate common conditions associated with blood sugar levels, circulation, blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, ulcers, indigestion, immune system deficiencies, chronic fatigue, asthma. Noni has applications as a complementary alternative medicine (CAM) for all the above. Noni is a highly regarded medicinal botanical enjoying steadily increasing popularity and developing a loyal following of customers over the past ten years. In a survey of those who tried Noni, 69% continued to use it and for an increasing number of people, Noni has become a part of their daily nutritional program. From its introduction to Western markets in 1996, there are now over 200 companies in more than 50 countries commercially distributing Noni products and Noni’s health benefits are recognized by millions.

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