Longevatrol - preserving youthful vitality & appearance anti ageing with Resveratrol

Longevatrol - preserving youthful vitality & appearance anti ageing with Resveratrol from Nutrifruitlabs

By: Nutrifruitlabs  01-19-2010
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 The Ultimate Dietary Supplement for Youthfulness and Longevity If you are looking for a Resveratrol supplement, look no further. LONGEVATROL™ -  is made from Resverapure® Resveratrol, Quercetin, Grapeseed Extract and with Rosehip Seed Powder. ResveraPure® - is a Highly concentrated Resveratrol extract to get the most antioxidant protection. Quercetin - adds even more antioxidant benefits making this a powerful supplement for maintaining good health LONGEVATROL™ addresses both cellular and connective tissue aging. This formulation is made with 100grams of patented Resverapure® a highly concentrated form of of Resveratrol, which has been rigorously tested and is one of the highest quality supplements of its kind. Benefits of Resveratrol: Natural mild anti-estrogenic effects Reverse the effects of stress and aging Maintain Cellular health and function Neuroprotective and Cardioprotective Benefits Immune Defence Components Maintain Sexual Health Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Benefits    Burn Energy and Fat more efficiently     Reduce Allergies and Respiratory Problems    Maintain Healthy Levels of Blood Sugar Supports Anti-aging and normal cell growth Benefits of Quercetin: Promotes optimal cardiovascular health Reduces risk for cancer Has Anti-Inflammatory and anti-allergic effects Is a powerful antioxidant Helps to combat free radicals which can damage cells Is a flavanoid and prevents the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Inhibits the release of histamine, which causes congestion. Reduces the production of uric acid ,thereby easing gout symptoms Studies show it improves lung function and lowers risk of certain respiratory diseases Helps reduce symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety.       Benefits of Rosehip seed powder     Excellent source of vitamin C     Also contain vitamins A, D and E, and flavinoids (antioxidants)    Prevents bladder infections     Ease headaches and dizziness     Sooths pain and stiffness in patients with Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis

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