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By: Neucoat  11-11-2011
Keywords: Pvc, Tarpaulin Material, Artificial Leather


Tarpaulin material is manufactured by coating a liquid pvc paste directly onto the polyester basecloth. Different coating methods include dipcoating, knife over roll coating or airknife coating. Different layers contain different pvc formulations to give the desired quality. The coated basecloth then runs through the oven at about 200 º C where it sets and becomes the solid, flexible PVC as we know it.

The PVC paste is mixed at Neucoat in our mixing department, here we mix a large number of different ingredients together. Different pastes for different products contain different ingredients (plasticizer, PVC, pigments, stablisers and other additives) to give the final products their different desired qualities.


Artificial leather products are manufactured by means of a transfer coating process. This process starts off with an embossed paper (containing the leather pattern that appears on the final product). A layer of paste called the skin layer is then applied to the paper, the skin paste takes on the emboss of the paper.

A number of different layers with different properties are applied on top of the skin paste depending on the characteristics required, and finally the backer is laminated onto the last layer of paste. This combination then runs through the oven where the pvc sets and becomes solid, the paper is then pulled off the pvc, and the process is complete.


Ripstop canvas is manufactured by coating the Polyester Ripstop base fabric with an Acrylic emulsion that has the necessary resistance to UV and water penetration, this is then cured in the drying oven.

Ripstop canvas is available in a variety of colours and qualities.

Clear PVC

Clear PVC is manufactured in a calendaring process.

It comes standard in a 1.5 meter width, is measured in microns and has 2% UV stabilizers.

Applications of the Clear PVC vary according to customer preference.

Tonneau Cover Material

Neucoat manufactures Tonneau material. It is available in a standard width of 1.8 meters, 550grams per square meter and 50 meters on a roll.

PVC Glue

Neucoat supplies Composite PVC Glue, which if applied properly provides an adhesion as effective as a high frequency weld.

The PVC glue is available in 500ml, 1litre, 2 litre and 5 litre quantities.


Neucoat supplies high quality and competitively priced 9mm and 12mm brass eyelets.

Keywords: Artificial Leather, Pvc, Tarpaulin Material,