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Depression Treatment from Liza-Mari Smith Hypnosis

By: Liza-Mari Smith Hypnosis  09-19-2014
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, depression, anxiety

Hypnosis has become recognized as an effective treatment for many individuals with depression. Some recent studies have shown that it is more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is the most common therapy approach in treating clinical depression. While it does not work for everyone, it can definitely be worth considering if depression is seriously affecting your life and other types of treatment have not been helpful. Hypnosis for depression can help address the underlying cause as well as help individuals find much more effective coping behaviors. It can also help people achieve a happier mood and decrease or dispel the pessimistic and negative thoughts that generally accompany depression. Hypnotherapy will bring about positive changes in the unconscious processes of the depressed individual. People who undergo hypnosis for depression will often experience a new sense of freedom and a greater sense of control over their thoughts, their mood, and their life in general. Since anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression, hypnosis is also very beneficial because it helps reduce and often alleviate the anxious thoughts and feelings. Rather than remain stuck in the vicious cycle of painful thoughts and feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness, hypnosis can help the person to develop a more positive outlook by using powerful self-suggestion. Rather than going through life reacting to difficult situations that would previously have felt overwhelming or hopeless, the individual learns how to respond effectively. Take charge of your life today.

Keywords: Alternative Healing, Alternative Medicine, anxiety, depression, Hypnosis, hypnotherapy

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