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By: I2r C  11-11-2011
Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Power Factor Correction, Energy Audits


I2R is capable of measuring 40 x 3-phases (V & I) points and 12 x 3-phase (Voltage only) points simultaneous. I2R have many other measurement instruments with experienced technicians to perform these measurements. In most projects I2R is used only to gather the data for consulting companies, whereby these Consulting Companies are the primary Consultants to the Clients. Below is a breakdown of measurents that we perform:

  • Voltage and Current Harmonic measurements
  • Harmonic analysis and harmonic filter designs
  • Load profile measurements, inrush current measurements and load studies
  • Power Factor measurements and Power Factor Correction design
  • Voltage Disturbance measurements
  • Voltage unbalance measurements
  • Voltage flicker measurements
  • Transient measurements
  • Quality of Supply measurements - Analysed according to NRS 048 Specification
  • DC Measurements

Substation Services:

I2R is capable of providing teams to perform relay testing and breaker services as indicated below:

  • Primary and secondary injection testing of protection scheme relays
  • Saturation, ratio, polarity, burden and insulation tests on current transformers.
  • Protection grading studies and application of settings
  • Substation Commissioning
  • Servicing of circuit breakers
  • Ductor test - contact resistance testing
  • Breaker speed test
  • Pressure test-Insulation testing
  • Infrared scanning of panels

Supply the following equipment:

  • Supply, Installation and Training on Impedograph, Vectograph and Provograph Recorders – NRS 048 compliance instruments
  • Supply and Installation of Standby Generators and Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and Inverters
  • Metering Systems

Energy Efficiency Services:

  • Energy audits for commercial and industrial applications, not only limited to electricity usage
  • Complete service including investigations, measurements, analysis, recommendations and implementation
  •  Pre and Post implementation measurements to verify savings
  •  Testing of new potential energy saving technologies
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Keywords: Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency, Infrared Scanning, Load Studies, Power Factor Correction, Secondary Injection,