Antaneea Colour Therapy

By: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body  12-06-2012
Keywords: Massage, energy, Massage Therapy

The technique recognises that the body is like a giant computer library, storing and recording all of our negative emotional experiences. If we are unable to deal with the original emotions at the time we first experience them, we will very often repress the pain of the memory. The body retains the chemical and energetic memory patterns of this, and over time we find that we keep attracting people or circumstances to ourselves that tap into the un-cleared memory and replay the original trauma.

If we are caught in an emotional time gateway (or energy feedback loop), we may even experience physical pain or illness depending on the intensity of the experience, emotion or thought. The purpose of the treatment is to locate these time gateways or age locks, which are areas in the body corresponding to the age a person was when they experienced painful emotions. By bringing these issues into conscious awareness, the individual is then supported in working through the issue gently and safely.

Antaneea Colour Therapy uses a number of vibrational healing tools to accomplish this and incorporates colour (in the form of 13 coloured oils), high vibrational sound, reiki and geometric symbols. When all these healing tools are applied together to the body through a gentle loving physical massage, the age locks and types of emotional experience are revealed and the energy systems are then able to realign themselves.

The body is massaged in three separate sessions spaced two weeks apart, changing the sequence of colours each time, allowing the physical body to align with the emotional and mental bodies and finally integrating with the spiritual self. A deeper sense of awareness and a connection with the individual’s soul frequency is thus achieved.

Keywords: De-stress, energy, Massage, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Relaxation

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