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By: Expert Med  10-21-2011
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   HOW WE OPERATE DAY SHEETS: Day sheets are collected from the Doctor's practice once a week. Doctors may use their own day sheets, but the use of those supplied FREE by Expert Med is preferred. See Sample Documents or click here PROCESSING OF DAY SHEETS:All information on the day sheets are checked, and only when all information is correct, is the data entered into our computers and prepared for transmitting by Electronic Data Interchange (commonly known as EDI) to the Medical Aid Societies. Transmissions of claims is done on a daily basis. REJECTED CLAIMS:Rejected claims. (the few that we do receive) are normally received within 48 hours. These are corrected and resubmitted the same day. PAYMENTS RECEIVED:Remittance advices are collected from the doctor's rooms when we collect day sheets. All payments are entered into our computers. CREDIT CONTROL AND FOLLOW UP:An Age analysis is done on a regular basis to ensure that payments are being received. Medical Aids who for some or other reason have not paid a claim, are contacted by telephone, the reason for non payment established, corrected and payment received. Patients who fail to pay their part of the account, receive several reminders, telephone calls and even a final notice to ensure payment is received, within the shortest period of time. STATEMENTS:Statements are sent to patients at the end of each month. ACCOUNTING AND OFFICE REPORTS:All accounting and office reports are available, ONLY to Expert Med's Medical Parishioners. OUTSTANDING BAD DEBT AND REJECTED CLAIMS: Expert Med will take on all rejected claims received by the doctor during the three months prior to securing our services. These will be corrected, entered into our computers and resubmitted to the medical aids at our normal rates. Patients who have not paid their accounts during the same period will be sent the normal reminders, and contacted by telephone. Medical Aid Claims, older than four months are not normally paid by the Medical Aid Societies. Expert Med will attempt to collect amounts outstanding on patients' accounts. However! As this becomes "Debt Collecting" a normal fee of 20% of the collected amount is charged.

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