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By: Brake Buddy  09-20-2012
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The purpose of the Brake Buddy System is to indicate warn brakes or mail functioning of the braking systems on trailers which are the primary reason for accidents.  

Brake Buddy can prevent trailers from Jack-knifing due to failure on the braking system on trailers. The main reason for Jack-knifing is brake failure on the trailer and the truck braking system is not sufficient in stopping both truck and trailer.  

Binding brakes are one of the reasons for trailers and precious cargo to set alight. This can now be prevented if your trailer is Brake Buddy save which will alarm the driver of these dangers well in advance.  

Warn brakes can be a costly expense to any transport company as warn brakes not only endanger lives and your cargo but it also causes major damage to the trailers brake shoes and brake drums.  

Brake Buddy indicates to the driver of the truck when the braking system of the trailer is mail functioning or requires replacement of brake linings. Brake Buddy will indicate on each specific wheel of the trailer which brakes are functioning, mail functioning, warn or binding.   The driver will be able to see if all the brakes are released before driving off after the trailer was parked for a while to load or offload.

Benefits of Brake Buddy
1. No more wasting of valuable time and money to get an expensive company to check your brakes before a long trip.
2. No more fire loss or damage to trailer and cargo if Brake Buddy system is installed.
3. Saving of costly replacements of damaged drums and brake shoes due to driving your trailer without any brake linings left that will result into metal to metal braking that will damage brake shoes and drums.
4. Prevention of Jack-knifing due to no brakes on trailers.
5. It is a breakthrough initiative for fuel tankers to prevent major losses and damages when fuel ignites due to binding brakes that goes unnoticed.

The Brake Buddy is a simple but an effective electronic brake indicator with multi functions.  

How does it work?

A sensor is installed on every upper brake shoe. When the driver apply brakes all lights will aluminate. Once the brakes are released all lights will be off. Every time the driver applies brakes all the lights MUST aluminate.   While driving without applying brakes and any light aluminates, the driver will immediately know that the specific brake grouping is binding. If the driver applies brakes and one or more lights are off, the brake lining is nearing replacement. The linings need to be replaced as well as the  sensor which is quick and cost effective.  

Are you interested in making your fleet Brake Buddy save?   Please contact Rudie Botha on 084 395 7371 should you have any queries, would like more information, if you are interested to view a demo or if you require a quotation.  

This product is currently only available if you reside in the Johannesburg, Pretoria or Vaal triangle areas.

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