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By: Grp Tubing  11-11-2011

GRP Tubing is used throughout the world in some very interesting and diverse applications.

Our tubes are used for, in high tech electrical applications and robotic applications, as well as booms, crane arms, Cylinders for Pneumatics and actuators, Cylinders for microwave oven (radiation resistant), Replacement Tap changer cylinders, Struts for special vehicles, Pressure vessels (reverse osmosis), Bowsprit poles and Mandrel for Yachts, Stern Tubes, Masts, High pressure composite Flanges, Torque tubes, Collapsible antenna poles, Phase and Voltage Tester sticks, Cryogenic tubes. E-Glass, Carbon fibre and Kevlar tube offers a strong yet light weight and economically viable alternative to traditional materials, resulting in its use in a rapidly increasing number of applications. We can reverse engineer from your existing component, or we will custom manufacture to the strength that you require for your application.

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