Database Archiving with Grid-Tools. Secure near line and far line Database Archiving

By: Grid-tools  11-11-2011

Rapidly expanding quantities of data can have a huge impact on the quality of your service and the cost of your IT infrastructure. Data Archive™ enables you to achieve the best possible performance from your databases by archiving information to your chosen criteria — without losing access to your data.

Grid-Tools data archiving solution allows you to:

  • Archive data flexibly: extract data for archiving, while maintaining the integrity of your production database
  • Implement information lifecycle management: comply with, and specify your own, information retention regulations and policies for both data and documents
  • Specify multiple archive destinations: use a range of near line and far line storage devices and archive data to the most appropriate platform
  • Easily access archived data: use a choice of retrieval methods to ensure archived data is readily accessible

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Powerful Test Data Creation, Data Masking and Test Data Management Software

Our other tools such as Data Subset™, Fast Data Masking™ and SOA Data Pro™ are smaller modules which can be sold separately and are based on the customer's requirements. Use the Grid-Tools solutions for end-to-end test data management, from simple to incredibly complex environments. Datamaker is indeed the only application which offers total test data management control.


Data Subsetting and Database Subsetting with Grid-Tools Data Subset™ Solution

Data Subset™ also uses native database utilities to migrate the data, allowing the user to incorporate the generated scripts into their existing test data management framework. As shown in the diagram above, Data Subset™ reduces data footprints and offers more manageable and secure copies of production databases.