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By: Grey Matter Thinking  11-11-2011
Keywords: Accounting, Financial Instruments

Grey Matter Thinking has a strong track record in the financial services industry.  For the past ten years, our staff have consulted to banks and large Corporations in a number of countries on financial instruments.  We are able to provide a wide range of skills from over 100 specialised professional staff members including actuaries, accountants, engineers, IT analysts, programmers and strategy consultants.

We offer the following financial consulting services: 

Financial Services Consulting
Our staff have assisted major South African and international banks, corporate treasuries and asset managers with some of their most complex challenges.  Our financial services consulting includes:

  • Accounting
    • Assisting financial services clients to understand and implement the most complex aspects of IFRS in a pragmatic manner. 
  • Risk
    • Understanding the nature, source, impact and controls over various risks including credit risk, market risk and operational risk.
  • Basel II
    • Understanding the similarities, differences, overlaps and conflicts between Basel II and IFRS.
  • Derivatives
  • Treasury
    • Nature, operations, instruments and controls of corporate treasuries and bank treasuries.
  • Deal Structuring
    • Advisory services to create accounting and tax efficient structured finance transactions.
  • Economic Capital
    • We provide consulting on Economic Capital (ECAP), focusing on the understanding, modelling and minimising of ECAP and the differences between Basel II regulatory capital and ECAP.
  • Tax
    • Financial instrument taxation including similarities and differences between the tax and accounting treatment.
  • Valuations
    • Valuations of derivatives and other financial instruments.

CEO Advisory
Grey Matter advises CEOs on strategic and operational priorities on their business both within and without the financial services industry.

Internal Audit
Grey Matter assists internal audit departments with identifying and analysing audit risk, key controls and audit procedures relating to these controls.

Temporary Secondments
We have a wide range of resources available to assist our clients with projects requiring highly specialised skills from financial to IT related projects.

We have seconded professional staff to some of South Africa’s major businesses to assist them with aspects including accounting, data capture and analysis, treasury, model building, Economic Capital.

Project Management
Grey Matter provides project management to help businesses realise their potential by ensuring that financing and expansion projects meet crucial deadlines.

Keywords: Accounting, Financial Instruments