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By: Green Stationery  11-11-2011
Keywords: Recycled Paper, Recycled Newspaper

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PLA is a bio-degradable plastic made from natural plant matter, not petroleum. It has the advantages of being economical, bio-degradable & independent from the cost of oil. Under conditions of soil temperature of about 15 ° C & humidity of 80 - 90%, PLA will decompose into the earth within 60 - 90 days.

Retractable Ballpoint Pen � B015

Made from biodegradable PLA.

Mini Retractable Ballpoint Pen � B169

Includes hook for lanyard.

Made from bio-degradable PLA.

Mechanical Pencil � B140

Made from biodegradable PLA and recycled paper.

Retractable Ballpoint Pen � B170

Made from biodegradable PLA and natural bamboo

"Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world (one plant was measured as having grown 90cm in 24 hours) so, unlike a tree, it is easily replenished".


Stick Ballpoint Pen � B110

Ideal for conferences, perfect for cashiers at tills!

Made from recycled paper

Recycled Newspaper Pencil � B200

Made from recycled newspaper

Mini Stick Ballpoint Pen � B017

Made from recycled paper, black trim.

Eco Pen � H1105

Barrel of pen made from 70% recycled material, black ink refill

Recycled Paper/Recycled ABS � B011

Made from recycled materials.

Ink colour matches trim colour.

Eco Notebook � H1130

Spiral bound notebook 70 pages made from 100% recycled paper from Japan (14.5 x 10.5 cm)

Eco Pencil � H1109

Made from recycled newsprint. Recycling a stack of newspaper 2m high saves the life of a tree 10.5m high

Eco Till Roll

The first recycled thermal till roll on the market. Reduces water, fuel & CO2 emissions. Saves trees

Hand Dynamo Torch (beats the power outages)

Because this torch doesn�t use batteries it is much kinder to the environment - used batteries pollute their surroundings if not disposed of correctly.

Friendly Shopper � H0055

Jumbo shopping bag with front pocket. Made from non-woven polypropylene material, reusable & recyclable.

Recycled Notes Holder with Pen � H1120

Holder & pen barrel from 100% recycled cartons, 80 pages of 70g recycled carton paper sheets.

Recycled Plastic Rulers �

Rulers made from recycled plastic. 30 and 15 cm. Wide range of styles and colours.

Keywords: Recycled Newspaper, Recycled Paper