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By: Greefa  11-11-2011
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Advantages of Greefa:

  • Customized sorting solutions
  • Continuous innovation
  • Most Fruit Friendly treatment of fruits and vegetables you can get
  • Robust, high quality machines and equipment
  • Reliable service and support
  • Great experience and expertise


Greefa works with ‘modules’. This enables you to customize different units and modules to your own sorting wishes. Moreover, every sorting unit allows for future adaptation to the growth of your company or to new insights into the sorting process.

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Keywords: Fruit

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Sorting your fruit with Greefa

Enabling you to get better prices for your quality classes and save labor costs.Another advantage of the iQS technology is a much greater capacity of your machine. The MSE Combicup system has specially shaped cups in which many diverging apple varieties keep laying properly during their transport along the system. Both sorting units have a special cup, which ensures that the citrus fruit keeps laying properly during transport along the system.