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By: Grahamstown  11-11-2011

Rhodes University owes its unique character among South African universities to a combination of factors - some historical, some geographical, some cultural and some architectural. An important influence in this respect is the university’s smallness which, together with its residence system, allows unusually close contact between students and their lecturers, in surroundings that foster fellowship and learning. Small classes mean more personal attention and encourage greater involvement of students in their work. The end result is that successive generations of Rhodes graduates have had an influence on southern Africa and world affairs out of all proportion to their small number.

The future of Rhodes lies not in greater numbers, but in increasing academic excellence and building upon almost a century of academic achievement. The University has earned a world-wide reputation for the high quality of its education and all Rhodes degrees are internationally recognised.

Rhodes University is one of the largest industries in Grahamstown with approximately 5000 students and 1200 staff members. The Grahamstown campus is graced with lovely grounds, an abundance of sports facilities offering an ideal physical environment for studying.

Rhodes University has six faculties, namely: Commerce, Education, Humanities, Law, Pharmacy, and Science. Rhodes has developed an international reputation for many of its undergraduate courses such as journalism, psychology, drama and economics, with graduates of those disciplines excelling in their fields. New and exciting combinations of courses are looked at on a regular basis taking into account the market demand

More than thirty sports at a social, inter-house, inter-hall, league, provincial or national level with over 85% of students taking part. An active Student Adviser’s office offers comprehensive personal counselling to students, with a campus sanatorium looking after the physical and mental well-being of the students.

Most religions are represented at Rhodes and dining halls offer a variety of diets to accommodate religious needs. There are a variety of religious societies amongst the over forty active societies affiliated to the Students’ Representative Council. Amongst these are a campus radio station, a student newspaper, a chamber choir, a debating society, cultural groups, etc.

Rhodes is an established University that is committed to excellence in research and to developing and maintaining a culture of research. The contribution of research to teaching ensures that the University produces analytical and creative graduates with a lifelong love of learning who will be innovative and entrepreneurial leaders many years after graduating. Good research by definition is at the forefront of a particular discipline and lecturers who are active researchers are at the cutting edge of their subject, which impacts strongly on their approach to teaching.

The University and its associated Research Institutes are constantly seeking ways to increase and enhance its research and is committed to undertaking excellent and internationally recognised research in all fields but particularly those with importance and interest to South Africa.

Rhodes University encourages intra- and inter-disciplinary collaboration within the University and its associated institutes as well as with other South African institutions particularly those in the East Cape region. In addition Rhodes is keen to develop exchange programmes and research collaboration with SADC and overseas universities.

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Battle Re-enactmentBasil is the founder member of the South African Battel Re-enactment, and has for the past twenty years organized and participated in a multitude of shows for the benefit of the community and charities. Demonstrations, lectures and training are given on different skills at arms, including cavalry work and muzzle loading cannon drill, as he is a qualified gunner listed with the Cannon Association of South Africa.


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A few offices, sport facilities, living quarters for officers and NCO's as well as married members, soldier barracks, a doctor's surgery room and buildings for the Young Women's Christian Association. The Royal Air Force established the 44 Air School in November 1941 in Grahamstown as part of the British Government Training Scheme.