Grafex - Graphology,Forensic,Handwriting in South Africa

By: Grafex  11-11-2011

  • Forensic Services
    - work in forgery detection and any irregularity relating to handwriting

  • Personality Assesment
    - helps the individual gain insight into himself and his reactions to his environment and other people.  Helps unfulfilled people become aware of their untapped talents and strengths.

  • Marriage / Partner Compatibility
    - makes partners aware of areas where clashes could occur and areas in which they complement each other – thus enabling them to handle these areas appropriately. 

  • Compatibility in Business
    - matching the characters of people wishing to enter into a business partnership – find whether the necessary similarities and differences of mentality and value systems exist. 

  • Personnel Selection:
    find whether the applicant possess the characteristics and abilities required for a specific position

  • Assistance to Criminologists and Psychotherapists :
    find what makes the writer “tick”.  By monitoring the writing establish whether treatment or therapy is having a positive effect.