GR Air Conditioning

By: Gr Air Conditioning  11-11-2011

With its elegant ‘Shadow Mirror’ look, Samsung’s new Vivace model complements the most sophisticated environment Samsung’s top-of-the range model with Micro Plasma Ion device. Not only does the Vivace incorporate every feature found in other Samsung airconditioners such as Silver Nano Health System, ‘Good Sleep’ Mode, anti-allergy filter, deodorising filter and Auto Changeover, it also features the world-first ‘Micro Plasma Ion’ device. The Micro Plasma Ion device (MPI) generates active hydrogen atoms together with oxygen ions. Released into the airflow at the rate of hundreds of thousands a minute, these bond with airborne proteins such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and allergens, causing the to decompose into water. As a result, your living-space is transformed into a ‘Micro Plasma Ion Zone’ that actually protects occupants from airborne infections such as influenza viruses, Staphylococcus Aureus and many other bacteria and allergens.