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By: Goin' Postal  11-11-2011

Where else can you get your mail, ship an automobile overseas, and have an antique lamp packaged and shipped all from one place?

Apply for an account and never wait in line.  Just drop your packages off and we'll process them and send you an invoice once a week or once a month!

Mail Forwarding:
Many of our customers are seasonal and we forward their mail to them wherever they are in the summer.  Just let us know that you're leaving and when you call us from wherever you are we'll send your mail onto you.  All you pay for is the postage.

EBay Trading Assistant:
We have done 1000's of successful trades on eBay and can help you sell your unwanted items.  We have sold everything from vehicles to antiques and even bullion!  Check out our site devoted to our eBay business.

Passport Photos and Applications:
Comes in for your one stop for your passport application.  We can photograph you, provide you with the application, and FedEx your application.

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Goin' Postal.  Low cost shipping and postal store franchise - shipping franchise news

Goin' Postal has been ranked in the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 for the fourth year in a row and has been recognized as the only chain in the nation that has grown over the last two years. After a month of full scale construction and renovations, Goin' Postal Franchise Corporation's first plaza reopens for business, along with all its original tenants and GPFC's brand new brand.