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By: Globetom  11-11-2011
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GlobeTOM has developed several market leading products for a variety of customers in the Telecommunications, Local Government, Sport and Leisure and Mobile Content markets. GlobeTOM also represents several leading international product vendors in South Africa and has a successful track record to successfully represent international IT vendors in South Africa. This page provides an overview of the GlobeTOM in-house products and solutions as well as the third party products that GlobeTOM elects to use as basis for product and solution development. Please visit the more detailed product navigation options for a more detailed product overview.

GlobeTOM Product Overview

The list of products provided in the table below represent GlobeTOM flagship products of which GlobeTOM is the owner of Intellectual Property Rights.
GlobeTOM ProductProduct Description
GlobeTOM Grid Enterprise Foundation (GEF) - Software Engineering SOA and Grid Technology Framework
GlobeTOM has developed a comprehensive SOA and Grid Technology framework that it uses extensively in the development of SOA and Grid-centric solutions. The GEF framework is based on the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) toolset from Prof. Douglas C Scmidt from Vanderbilt University. GEF includes BPEL modelling for the development of Orchestrated Services, i.e. services that, when consumed, executes a highly configurable sequence of business logic. It further includes a sophisticated .NET-based GUI for the control of services within a GEF-based computing grid. Service instances are contained within configuration domains for scalability and logical service segregation purposes. GEF is already used in 4 different customer environments. GEF includes a .NET, Java and C++ development API which can be used for Service Consumption development purposes, but may also be used to extend the Service Grid to Windows platform environments.
GlobeTOM Prepaid Platform (GP3) - Total prepaid solution for generic prepaid service delivery and billing
GP3 is GlobeTOM's flagship prepaid product. The product is ideally suited for convergent service Rating and Balance Management for Convergent Service Providers. GP3 provides full Voucher Lifecycle Management functions, full subscriber management functions and Rating and Account Balance Management Functions. It includes a comprehensive Billing Specification and generates Charging Data Record (CDR) outputs for feeds into Revenue Assurance systems. GP3 is able to integrate with 3GPP compliant Online Charging Functions (OCF) products such as the HP Internet Usage Meter (IUM). It includes its own Diameter protocol stack based on Open Diameter to accommodate Diameter-based Charging Trigger Functions directly. The product will soon be certified at a leading European Benchmark Centre for Rating and Balance Management throughput capacity. The product is able to perform full balance management internally on the platform, but is also able to integrate with external Balance Management Functions. The product is based on the GlobeTOM GEF framework and is therefore truly horizontally scalable and heavily Open Source based. The platform is ideally suited for any product and service vendor wishing to deliver prepaid services to its customer base. It is ideally suited for Tier 2 GSM Network and Service Providers adopting Convergent Services and wishing to preserve their IN network for voice services.
iWIN MobiContent - Wireless Application Service Provider and Mobile Commerce Market
GlobeTOM, in partnership with our WASP partner iWIN Mobile Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is geared to assist enterprises wishing to extend their customer reach with sophisticated Mobile Messaging. Customers choosing iWIN MobiContent for Mobile Messaging will have the comfort of knowing that they are dealing with a modern, SOA-based WASP technology that can be extended to add complex business rules for communication with a mobile customer base.
Indlela PHP MVC and User-role based Web Application Development Framework
The GlobeTOM Indlela MVC Framework provides a productive Web Application Development Framework for rapid web application development using MVC architectural principles. The Indlela Framework allows for the rapid configuration of User Roles and access to Business Model Objects based on user role allocation. Indlela can be embedded into existing Web application development frameworks such as Drupal.
GolfTimeSA - Sport and Leisure Industry
GolfTimeSA is a flagship online golf booking portal and related Golf Industry technology services developed by GlobeTOM. GlobeTOM is a shareholder in the portal venture and is currently actively looking at expanding the proven technology to other world markets. GolfTimeSA has a unique design capable of working effectively in unreliable network environments, making it a viable offering for any market environment.

Partner Products

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Keywords: Software Engineering, Subscriber Management, Track Record

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GlobeTOM supplies Intel and AMD processor-based hardware and partners with Hardware Suppliers to deliver Linux-based solutions. Oracle RDBMS - bespoke solution development, database integration from application tiers and mission-critical database support. GlobeTOM specialises in solution delivery to the Telecommunications Industry with a strong Telecommunication Vertical focus.