Global Tracking System | GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

By: Globaltrack  11-11-2011

Whether it is the salmon industry in Chile, mining houses operating in Africa or transport companies in the Middle East each industry has its own set of requirements and needs. We at GlobalTrack do not believe that one product meets each and all requirements and we therefore strive to create specific solutions to satisfy specific industries needs. Providing a turnkey solution to our clients that have an immediate effect on their bottom line: safety and cost reduction.

GlobalTrack’s turn-key solutions are applied to a variety of applications including:

  • We have developed specific global solutions for our partners in the aviation industry
  • Highly sophisticated solution including oceanic area management and harvest timing for the commercial fishing industry and more specifically for the salmon fisheries and trawling activities

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Vehicle Tracking Device | GPS Real Time Tracking System

Depending on the communication technology of the tracking device, this information is sent either to one of four communication satellites covering the whole world, or to a cellular network. We offer our clients the use of different types of hardware, dependent on the requirements and environment; this includes cellular based, satellite based or a combination of the two.