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By: Global Solutions  11-11-2011
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A revolutionary solution to the vermin problem

Electromagnetic technology that has helped Australia deal effectively with rodents and other pests has been launched in South Africa. This comes after recent media reports that highlighted the explosion of rats, rodents and cockroaches in major cities where they are thriving due to a growing number of informal settlements and street vendors as well as poor waste management by local authorities, certain businesses and homeowners.

Besides the dangers of disease transmission, millions of rands are lost to rodents eating grain and other foods in storage. Rats are also a fire hazard in buildings such as stores and pack houses, as their incisor teeth continually grow and have to be worn down by gnawing, often through wiring, causing electrical fires. This ground breaking device is called Plug-in Pest Free. It plugs into the mains outlet and creates an electromagnetic field around the wiring premises. The field affect the central nervous system of the pest animal, breaks its feeding, sleeping and breeding patterns and drives it from the premises. The system works equally well with cockroaches and mice.

The unit has been passed by both SA bureau of Standards and Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point (HACCP). This year, the food industry will have to comply with HACCP to be issued permits to trade. With health regulations becoming more stringent, business owners must find ways to solve their vermin problems and Plug-In Pest Free offers a cost effective, easy solution. The effects caused by exposure to this new pest control device cause the vermin on vacating a building, to become dehydrated, disorientated and hungry and susceptible to other measures in place at street sewer level. This will help meet the objectives set by the national health authorities.

The Plug-In Pest Free technology is a once-off investment guaranteed for two years with a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years. The unit pays for itself within the first year and creates savings in pest-control every year thereafter. Its environmentally friendly, has no effects on humans, domestic animals or appliances. It gets rid of vermin in a safe and humane way, and reduces the risk of human exposure to poisonous pest-control systems, which are currently being used. Most importantly, it has been tried and tested since 1995 throughout the world with great results. For case studies, trails and proof of efficacy visit Plug-In Pest Free is distributed in South Africa and Africa by Global Solutions and costs around R525.00 for a domestic unit

Keywords: cockroaches, Pest Control, Rats, Rodents

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