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By: Global Relay Communications  11-11-2011
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Global Relay Message is Global Relay's flagship messaging and unified collaboration communications service designed to address the messaging, federation, compliance, privacy and security needs of regulated industries. Purpose-built for the financial services community, Global Relay Message is designed to interconnect several million users, built with system and data center redundancy for service resiliency and reliability, and tuned for high performance capable of transacting millions of messages each hour. With full service feature parity between thin-client desktop and mobile, users can seamlessly access the service and transition from the desktop to mobile devices at work, at home, or while on the move.

Global Relay Message provides a superior and fully compliant messaging experience:

  • Mobile and desktop clients: Global Relay Message supports both mobile (BlackBerry, iPhone) clients, browser-based (thin) clients and standalone (thick) clients.

  • Synchronized clients: Global Relay Message supports multiple concurrent login sessions for a user on multiple devices, synchronizing messages across all sessions. Users can seamlessly move from a mobile device to their desktop in mid-conversation, and not miss a single message.


Global Relay Message is a secure, scalable, compliant, and fault-tolerant instant messaging system, built specifically to address the regulatory requirements of the financial services industry. Global Relay Message has business-grade collaboration messaging communications capabilities, with key features including:

  • Messaging: "Users can initiate 1-to-1, multi-user, and persistent message conversations, carry on concurrent conversations with the same participants, and use the service concurrently on multiple devices and in offline mode.

  • Blast Messaging: Users can send a blast message that reaches multiple contacts at once. Or, they can choose to message a few select contacts or the entire network. This is especially useful for administrators and executives who need to broadcast messages across their entire corporate network.

  • Compliance: With compliance and security as core requirements, Global Relay Message supports ethical walls, off-line messaging, logging, archiving, monitoring, auditing, and reporting. Global Relay Message supports end-to-end message reconciliation, message read receipts, guaranteed message delivery, fast indexed search and write verification with geographically dispersed storage.

  • Mobile Parity: Since the service is designed with feature parity between thin-client desktop and mobile, users seamlessly transition from the desktop to their BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, or Google Android device whether at work, at home, or while on the move.

  • Message Archiving: Global Relay Message is built using high performance data store systems for data integrity including multiple stored copies on active-active mirrored data centers to guarantee no loss of data. All messages and user logs are stored in Global Relay Archive.

  • Service Federation: Global Relay's Message Hub can federate with Global Relay Message with other users using Microsoft OCS and Thomson Reuters messaging.

End-User Access

Global Relay Message is designed for client access using standard web browsers without the need for thick client deployment. Core application services are accessible from smartphones such as BlackBerry and iPhone, standalone PC thick clients, and from external applications such as BOTS through a secured web-service-based application programming interface (API).

Global Relay Message is also architected to be easily embeddable as widgets and buttons for quick integration into existing service applications. It is also simple to integrate with customers' existing enterprise technologies such as Active Directory and SAML Authentication.

Global Relay Message is currently in Beta, with commercial release scheduled for Q1 2012.

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