Special Issue

By: Global Carbon Project  11-11-2011

Special Issue:
Options for including agriculture and forestry activities in a post-2012 international climate agreement.

Environmental Science and Policy 10: 269-394
Guest Editors: Bernhard Schlamadinger and David Neil Bird

Editorial, Pages 269-270
Bernhard Schlamadinger and Neil Bird
A synopsis of land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) under the Kyoto Protocol and Marrakech Accords, Pages 271-282
B. Schlamadinger, N. Bird, T. Johns, S. Brown,
J. Canadell, L. Ciccarese, M. Dutschke, J. Fiedler, A. Fischlin, P. Fearnside, et al.
Including land use, land-use change, and forestry in future climate change, agreements: thinking outside the box, Pages 283-294
R. Benndorf, S. Federici, C. Forner, N. Pena,
E. Rametsteiner, M.J. Sanz and Z. Somogyi
Options for including land use in a climate agreement post-2012: improving the Kyoto Protocol approach, Pages 295-305
Bernhard Schlamadinger, Tracy Johns,
Lorenzo Ciccarese, Matthias Braun, Atsushi Sato, Ahmet Senyaz, Peter Stephens,
Masamichi Takahashi and Xiaoquan Zhang
Options for including all lands in a future greenhouse gas accounting framework, Pages 306-321
Annette L. Cowie, Miko U.F. Kirschbaum and
Murray Ward
Clearing the way for reducing emissions from tropical deforestation,
Pages 322-334
M. Skutsch, N. Bird, E. Trines, M. Dutschke,
P. Frumhoff, B.H.J. de Jong, P. van Laake,
O. Masera and D. Murdiyarso
Potential synergies between existing multilateral environmental agreements in the implementation of land use, land-use change and forestry activities, Pages 335-352
Annette Cowie, Uwe A. Schneider and
Luca Montanarella
The rules for land use, land use change and forestry under the Kyoto Protocol—lessons learned for the future climate negotiation, Pages 353-369
Niklas Höhne, Sina Wartmann, Anke Herold and Annette Freibauer
Factoring out natural and indirect human effects on terrestrial carbon sources and sinks,
Pages 370-384
Josep G. Canadell, Miko U.F. Kirschbaum,
Werner A. Kurz, María-José Sanz,
Bernhard Schlamadinger and Yoshiki Yamagata
Earth observations for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation in developing countries,
Pages 385-394
Ruth DeFries, Frédéric Achard, Sandra Brown, Martin Herold, Daniel Murdiyarso,
Bernhard Schlamadinger and Carlos de Souza Jr.

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