Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - silica

By: Glassworld  11-11-2011


STSL72013 Basins FB Silica 101 x 20MM 75ML EACH
STSL72014 Basins FB Silica 131 x 23MM 125ML EACH
STSL72004 Basins RB Silica 100 x 38MM 100ML EACH
STSL72005 Basins RB Silica 113 x 47MM 200ML EACH
STSL720081 Basins RB Silica 140 x 62MM 400ML EACH
STSL72002 Basins RB Silica 87 x 33MM 70ML EACH
STSL72159 Beakers Silica Tall Form Clear 150ML EACH
STSL72161 Beakers Silica Tall Form Clear 250ML EACH
STSL72163 Beakers Silica Translucent 150ML EACH
STSL72165 Beakers Silica Translucent 250ML EACH
STSL72375 Boats Silica 50 x 13 x 9MM EACH
STSL72380 Boats Silica 78 x 7 x 11MM EACH
STSL72016 Capsules Silica 48 x 15MM 20ML EACH
STSL72017 Capsules Silica 54 x 15MM 25ML EACH
STSL72021 Capsules Silica 78 x 18MM 50ML EACH
STSL72023 Capsules Silica 87 x 28MM 100ML EACH
STSL72022 Capsules Silica F/B 78 x 25MM EACH
STSL72024 Capsules Silica R1 Rect 60x28x12MM 10ML EACH
STSL72026 Capsules Silica R2 Rect 52x42x18MM 25ML EACH
STSL72025 Capsules Silica R3 Rect 68x39x12MM 20ML EACH
STSL72077 Crucibles Silica Roga C4 Tall 50ML EACH
STSL72075 Crucibles Silica Roga C6 Tall 25ML EACH
STSL72058 Crucibles Silica SQ C0 10ML EACH
STSL72056 Crucibles Silica SQ C00 5ML EACH
STSL72061 Crucibles Silica SQ C1 25ML EACH
STSL72063 Crucibles Silica SQ C2 50ML EACH
STSL72065 Crucibles Silica SQ C3 80ML EACH
STSL72067 Crucibles Silica SQ C7 150ML EACH
STSL72101 Crucibles Silica Swelling Number EACH
STSL72087 Crucibles Silica Volatile w/projection EACH
STSL72102 Lids Crucible Silica Swelling Number EACH
STSL72089 Lids Crucible Silica Volatile EACH
STSL90032 Lids Silica Flat 55MM Diameter EACH
STSL72062 Lids Silica LC1 EACH
STSL72064 Lids Silica LC2 EACH
STSL72066 Lids Silica LC3 EACH
STSL90020 Sockets Silica B29 EACH
STSL90030 Trays Inconel Stainless Steel EACH
STSL90025 Trays Silica 4-Hole (Rod Type) EACH
STSL71329 Trays TSL Silcia 2-Hole EACH
STSL71331 Trays TSL Silica 4-Hole EACH
STSL90000 Triangles Silica on Wire 63MM EACH
STSL90015 Tubing Silica Clear 18 x 22MM EACH
STSL90003 Tubing Silica Clear 2 x 4MM EACH
STSL90010 Tubing Silica Clear 22 x 24MM EACH
STSL90005 Tubing Silica Clear 5 x 7MM EACH

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Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - glassblowing

Cones Long Tip Single Glass CBB10. Funnels Seperating PTFE S/C 50ML. Cones Plain Single Glass CNB10. Flasks Boiling F/B Amber 250ML.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - porcelain

Casserole Porc 17/0 w/hd d100 h56 220MM. Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/2 70x56MM 150ML. Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/0 63x13MM 20ML. Crucibles Alsint A1 F/B 20x16x30MM 5ML. Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 100MM. Crucibles Porc L/F 79/0 40x25MM 15ML. Mortars & Pestles Glazed Porc 100MM. Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/0A 45MM. Tubes Alsint 5.5 x 1.2 x 700MM.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - plastic

Boats Weighing Plastic (250 Pcs) 100ML. Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 100ML. Bottles Wash Kartell Plastic 500ML. Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 100ML.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - hardware

Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 1.18MM. Clips Hoffman Screw Steel 20MM. Septums Silicon (Pkt 144) 13MM. Brushes Test Tube Nylon 15MM.