Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - porcelain

By: Glassworld  11-11-2011


PHAW129070 Casserole Porc 17/0 w/hd d100 h56 220MM EACH
PHAW1290700 Casserole Porc 17/00 w/hd d85 h50 170ML EACH
PHAW12907000 Casserole Porc 17/000 whd d80 h45 140ML EACH
PHAW129071 Casserole Porc 17/1 w/hd d110 h60 300ML EACH
PHAW129073 Casserole Porc 17/3 w/hd d135 h80 700ML EACH
PHAW129074 Casserole Porc 17/4 w/hd d160 h90 1.3LT EACH
PHAW129074/0 Casserole Porc 17/4/0 whd d63 h35 100ML EACH
PHAW1A Crucibles Alsint A1 F/B 20x16x30MM 5ML EACH
PHAW2A Crucibles Alsint A2 30x26x40MM 15ML EACH
PHAW3A Crucibles Alsint A3 35x30x50MM 30ML EACH
PHAW4A Crucibles Alsint A4 40x36x60MM 60ML EACH
PHAW5A Crucibles Alsint A5 50x44x75MM 120ML EACH
PHAW0B Crucibles Alsint B0 41x18x37MM 25ML EACH
PHAW1B Crucibles Alsint B1 Sqt 48x20x41MM 40ML EACH
PHAW1C Crucibles Alsint C1 EACH
PHAW3C Crucibles Alsint C3 EACH
PHAW6C Crucibles Alsint C6 TF 73x35x90MM 250M EACH
PHAW82A/2 Crucibles Gooch 82A/2 38x23x40MM 20ML EACH
PHAW82A/3 Crucibles Gooch 82A/3 41x25x43MM 35ML EACH
PHAW129044/0 Crucibles Low Form 79/4/0 14x10MM EACH
PHAW12904/0 Crucibles Porc L/F 79/0 40x25MM 15ML EACH
PHAW12904/1 Crucibles Porc L/F 79/1 45x28MM 25ML EACH
PHAW12904/2 Crucibles Porc L/F 79/2 50x32MM 29ML EACH
PHAW12904/2A Crucibles Porc L/F 79/2A 60x38MM 50ML EACH
PHAW12904/3 Crucibles Porc L/F 79/3 70x44MM 85ML EACH
PHAW1290465L Crucibles Porc Lid 65MM EACH
PHAW12904-2 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/2 70x56MM 150ML EACH
PHAW12904-3 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/3 63x55MM 100ML EACH
PHAW12904-4 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/4 60x48MM 90ML EACH
PHAW12904-5 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/5 52x45MM 60ML EACH
PHAW12904-6 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/6 45x36MM 38ML EACH
PHAW12904-6A Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/6A 50x40MM 49ML EACH
PHAW12904-7 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/7 35x28MM 15ML EACH
PBOE129947A Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/7A 20ML EACH
PHAW12904-7A Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/7A 40x32MM 20ML EACH
PHAW12904-8 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/8 30x25MM 10ML EACH
PHAW12904-9 Crucibles Porc M/F 79MF/9 25x20MM 5ML EACH
PHAW129040 Crucibles Porc T/F 79C/0 30x38MM 15ML EACH
PHAW129041 Crucibles Porc T/F 79C/1 35x44MM 24ML EACH
PHAW129042 Crucibles Porc T/F 79C/2 40x50MM 40ML EACH
PHAW129043 Crucibles Porc T/F 79C/3 45x56MM 50ML EACH
PHAW129111 Dessicator Disc Plates Porc 140MM EACH
PHAW129112 Dessicator Disc Plates Porc 190MM EACH
PHAW129113 Dessicator Disc Plates Porc 235MM EACH
PHAW129114 Dessicator Disc Plates Porc 280MM EACH
PHAW129030 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/0 63x13MM 20ML EACH
PHAW1290300 Dishes Evap Porc F/B888/00 50x10MM 10ML EACH
PHAW12903000 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/000 40x8MM 8ML EACH
PHAW129031 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/1 70x15MM 35ML EACH
PHAW1290310 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/10 300x65MM 2.5L EACH
PHAW129032 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/2 80x16MM 45ML EACH
PHAW129033 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 888/3 90x20MM 60ML EACH
PHAW129034 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/4 100x20MM 100ML EACH
PHAW129035 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/5 120x24MM 200ML EACH
PHAW129036 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/6 125x25MM 260ML EACH
PHAW129036A Dishes Evap PorFB 888/6A 160x40MM 520ML EACH
PHAW129038 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/8 200x60MM 1.1LT EACH
PHAW129039 Dishes Evap PorcFB 888/9 240x55MM 1.75L EACH
PHAW129060 Dishes Evap Porc F/B 80 x 30MM EACH
PHAW12903/0 Dishes Evap Porc R/B 109/0 80x32MM 75ML EACH
PHAW12903/00 Dishes Evap Porc RB 109/00 70x28MM 50ML EACH
PHAW12903/1 Dishes Evap Porc RB 109/1 85x35MM 95ML EACH
PHAW12903/2 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/2 100x40MM 115ML EACH
PHAW12903/3 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/3 105x42MM 170ML EACH
PHAW12903/4 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/4 110x45MM 225ML EACH
PHAW12903/5 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/5 125x50MM 285ML EACH
PHAW12903/6 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/6 150x55MM 420ML EACH
PHAW12903/7 Dishes Evap Porc RB109/7 180x65MM 700ML EACH
PHAW12903/8 Dishes Evap PorcRB109/8 210x85MM 1225ML EACH
PHAW12903/9 Dishes Evap Porc RB 109/9 250x150MM 2LT EACH
PHAW90150 Dishes Evaporate 1450/Shape d=112x265ML EACH
PHAW90151 Dishes Evaporate 1450/Shape d=126x330ML EACH
PHAW90152 Dishes Evaporate 1450/Shape d=151x620ML EACH
PHAW129050A Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/0A 45MM EACH
PHAW129051 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/1 55MM EACH
PHAW129052 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/2 70MM EACH
PHAW129052A Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/2A 90MM EACH
PHAW129053 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/3 110MM EACH
PHAW129054 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/4 125MM EACH
PHAW129054A Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/4A 150MM EACH
PHAW129055 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/5 185MM EACH
PHAW129056 Funnels Buchner Porc 127C/6 240MM EACH
PHAW129050 Funnels Hirsch Porc 126/0 d90 h110 50MM EACH
PHAW1290500 Funnels Hirsch Porc 126/00 d70 h90 40MM EACH
PHAW12904-4L Lids Crucible Porc 79MF4 90ML EACH
PHAW12904-5L Lids Crucible Porc 79MF5 60ML EACH
PHAW12904-6L Lids Crucible Porc 79MF6 38ML EACH
PHAW12904-7L Lids Crucible Porc 79MF7 15ML EACH
PHAW12904-7AL Lids Crucible Porc 79MF7A 20ML EACH
PHAW12904-8L Lids Crucible Porc 79MF8 10ML EACH
PHAW1291000 Mortars & Pestles Glazed Porc 100MM EACH
PHAW129102 Mortars & Pestles Glazed Porc 150MM EACH
PHAW129105 Mortars & Pestles Glazed Porc 185MM EACH
PHAW129090 Mortars & Pestles Glazed Porc 80MM EACH
PHAW1290800 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 100MM EACH
PHAW129080A Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 125MM EACH
PHAW129082 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 150MM EACH
PHAW129084 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 180MM EACH
PHAW129087 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 200MM EACH
PHAW129089 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 250MM EACH
PHAW129076 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 37MM EACH
PHAW129077 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 44MM EACH
PHAW129078 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 58MM EACH
PHAW129080 Mortars & Pestles Unglazed Porc 80MM EACH
PHAW9002 Tubes Alsint 10 x 6 x 700MM EACH
PHAW9001 Tubes Alsint 5.5 x 1.2 x 700MM EACH
PHAW9003 Tubes Alsint 8 x 5 x 700MM EACH
PHAW9010 Tubes Alsint Bore 2 3 x 0.5 x 500MM EACH
PHAW9005 Tubes Alsint Bore 2 R20AL7 3x0.8x700MM EACH
PHAW9007 Tubes Alsint Bore 4 R40ALT 5.5x1.2x700M EACH
PHAW9006 Tubes Alsint IG AL7 8 x 5 x 700MM EACH
PHAW9008 Tubes Alsint RIGAL7 100 x 6 x 700MM EACH

Other products and services from Glassworld


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - silica

Capsules Silica R1 Rect 60x28x12MM 10ML. Beakers Silica Tall Form Clear 150ML. Crucibles Silica Roga C4 Tall 50ML. Basins FB Silica 131 x 23MM 125ML. Basins FB Silica 101 x 20MM 75ML. Capsules Silica 48 x 15MM 20ML. Lids Silica Flat 55MM Diameter. Tubing Silica Clear 18 x 22MM.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - glassblowing

Cones Long Tip Single Glass CBB10. Funnels Seperating PTFE S/C 50ML. Cones Plain Single Glass CNB10. Flasks Boiling F/B Amber 250ML.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - plastic

Boats Weighing Plastic (250 Pcs) 100ML. Cylinders Measuring Plastic TPX 100ML. Bottles Wash Kartell Plastic 500ML. Bottles Plastic Fortuna W/N 100ML.


Glassworld Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals - hardware

Sieves Test 200MM Full Height 1.18MM. Clips Hoffman Screw Steel 20MM. Septums Silicon (Pkt 144) 13MM. Brushes Test Tube Nylon 15MM.