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By: Gladiator Lures  11-11-2011
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Written by Codfather | 09 December 2009

Website under construction..Please come back and see changes daily..Some links may not work yet. More products now added to the Product Range menu on the right side of this page. Photos added into the "Fish Pictures" menu at the top of this page. 2010 Catalogue can be downloaded in PDF from the "Product Range" menu.

March 2010 "Hard Lures" "Accessories" "Colour Charts" "New" "Hard Lures" sections updated. 139 Gladiator products now listed.

We are happy to announce that the new website is now up and running. You will be able to now view the complete range of Gladiator Exclusive Lures. Soon!

"The best Salt Water Lures in South Africa!"

Years of experience and knowledge make Gladiator Exclusive Lures the best Salt Water Lures in South Africa. From our factory in Durban we can suppy customers all round the world. Logan and his present staff worked for the late John Williamson of "Williamson Lures" for about 15 years and became experts in the art of fishing lure manufacturing. When Williamson Lures was sold and moved to China, Logan visited China for 3 months to train the new owners and staff in the art of fishing lure manufacturing. Logan returned to South Africa to later re unite the staff and form what is now the world famous Gladiator Lure brand of fishing tackle. With all the knowledge, tools, machinery, and equipment required Gladiator Lures can now offer the following services.. 

Injection moulding for superior shaping and the ability to use soft materials for maximum effect

Spin cast metal heads and bait swimmers

Dip moulded skirts and squids

Resin moulded Kona type heads for the big game lure range A range of

 including big game harnesses, traces, trace holders, hot seat, etc. 

All of our products are manufactured in house at Gladiator Exclusive Lures in Durban South Africa to offer value for money to you our valued customers. We work closely with the local charter fishing boats and professional anglers to continue to expand our ever developing range of fishing lures and accessories. If you have a design for a lure please contact us for a quotation to manufacture for you.  


Team Gladiator cleaned up in the April 2011 Winklespruit Team Competition.

After a poor performance by their standards on the Saturday team Gladiator excelled on day two by catching 104.8 kgs of mixed game fish to top the leader board. What a performance guys. The best team with the best lures made a winning team.

Photo from left Jarred Martin, Markus Potgieter, Logan, owner of Gladiator Lures, Scott Hunter, Mrs Clarke of Erics Canoe Shoppe, Luke Dalton. 

Sean van Rensberg of Team Gladiator with a competition winning 35kg Couta (King Mackerel) caught April 2011


NEW for April 2011 Gladiator BABY CHAINS The idea behind the baby chains was born due to the fact that the smaller Bonito and Tuna which make ideal livebaits are very finicky and difficult to catch, Not any more!!!! I have tested these personally and they are deadly. Available of course in a full range of colours.

Gladiator Waverunner (2010)


 Just when you thought you had every lure we have brought out a very new and exciting product. The new Gladiator Waverunner Plug has been tested with devastating results on surface feeding game fish like Yellowfin Tuna, Bonitos, Skip Jack and King Fish. Its surface popper plug type action is unbelievable. This lure will be also deadly for the summer Dorado when they arrive. As expected from Gladiator Lures they are available in a spectacular colour range. This is a lure all anglers need in their armoury.

Available in 2 sizes Small 75mm (14g) for Shad and Bonitos and Medium 100mm (31g) for the surface feeding Game Fish. Ask for it by name ...WAVERUNNER

Gladiator Slimline Spoons (2010)


Gladiator Lures have just release a fantastic range of stainless steel casting/trolling spoons. They are made from a high grade Polished Stainless Steel and come rigged with only high quality components, which include a size 6 “Power Swivel”, two “Hyper Press” Split Rings and an “Owner 5/0 Super needlepoint High Carbon Steel Hook (Model 50835)”, so no need to change anything on them at all.

These “Slimline” Spoons are light weight, which makes them really great for very light tackle fishing, however they do cast very well on 30Lb braid as well. Another very interesting application is to troll these spoons for Natal Snoek, Tiger Fish etc, as they have a very nice action when trolled. So far they have proven to be very successful with saltwater game fish species, catching many Natal Snoek, Garrick, Shad, Salad Fish and Torpedo Scads in their initial testing. They also completely out fished any other spoon/lure, including an Onda Onda. I'm quite sure that they will really come into their own in the beginning of the season when there are many small sprats around and fishing is tough. “Slimline Spoons” will be sold in a pack of two which contains one “Fat Slimline” and one “Skinny Slimline” in your choice of colour. Full details here 


Gladiator Malolo Plug (2010)

Shown above is the Green Mackerel colour. This Plug is catching lots of fish. Fast becoming a firm faourite to catch surface feeding Tuna. Works for most game fish.

Gladiator Mini Catcher (2010)...Ask for it by name.

The secret is out. The Gladiator Mini Catcher is now available in your local tackle shops. This lure is deadly for Natal Snoek and all species of King Fish in South Africa. It has also been responsible for many Couta (King Mackerel) The Mini Catcher is also deadly for Dorado when pulled faster in deeper water.   



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When Williamson Lures was sold, Logan was sent to China for 3 months to train the new owners and staff in the art of lure manufacture. Logan and his present Staff worked for the late John Williamson for about 15 years and became experts at the art of lure manufacture. On Logan’s return to South Africa he setup Gladiator exclusive lures with all the required machinery and staff.