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By: Gilroy Diaries  11-11-2011

  • Acceptance of 2pp & 4pp tip-in products. This can be tipped in front of diary block or diary sections as per customer’s requirements. CANNOT TIP ON PARTICULAR PAGE UNLESS SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT IS MADE WITH PRINTER – additional cost.
  • 8pp/12pp/16pp/20pp/24pp/28pp/32pp (client matter must move in decimals of 4) Can be sewn in front of diary block or as per customer’s instructions. Remember can only be sewn in between diary sections. DO NOT PRINT 8pp CLIENT MATTER ON 70 or 80gsm MATERIAL – MUST BE PRINTED ON 90gsm MATERIAL UPWARD. All full colour client matter printed on preferably 115gsm Dukuza Gloss Art and 1 col/2col/3col on 70gsm White Bond unless otherwise instructed.
  • Front end sheet pp1/2/3/4 (page 1 sticks down onto front cover).
    Back end sheet pp5/6/7/8 (page 8 sticks down onto back cover).
  • Wrap arounds printed must not exceed number of sections in diary block.
    For example A5 PAD has 10 x 32pp & 1 x 16pp sections – 11 x 4pp wraps maximum.
    If wraps page extent exceeds number of sections – consult your supplier.
    ** Please Note: Prefer doing inserts instead of wraps, i.e. inserted in middle of diary section or in between diary sections.
  • Full colour (4 process colours) – Process colours made up of Cyan, Magenta,Yellow and Black (CMYK).
  • Spot colours are made up of Pantone colours – ink code must be specified.
  • One leaf is equivalent to 2 pages - i.e. 20 pages = 10 leaves.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries
or if you wish to find out more about our complete product range.

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GilRoy Diaries & Calendars - A Organiser

ORGANISER COVERS AVAILABLE IN GENIUNE LEATHER OR PU (STD COLOURS BLACK/GREEN/ NAVY/BURGUNDY – special colours available on request subject to quantities. EXTRA LOOSE TO DO TODAY – drilled 6 holes – 32 pages. Embossing or foiling on Genuine Leather or PU covers. EXTRA LOOSE LEAF NOTES – drilled 6 holes – 32 pages. EXTRA LOOSE FINANCE – drilled 6 holes – 32 pages. A5PAD LOOSE LEAF – drilled 6 holes – 336 pages.