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By: Ghostdigest  12-08-2011
Keywords: Agricultural Land, Deeds Registries

Ken Mustard and Ranald Vise respond to a reply last week by Allen West about the interpretation of section 10 of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act. 

Ranald Vise understands section 10 of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act to mean a  new marriage.

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 10 of 2011 - implementation from 28 October of the extensive amendments to the regulations of the Sectional Titles Act.

Allen West discusses the responsibility of the conveyancer when dealing with unregistered foreign companies in terms of regulation 44A of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937.

Allen West considers the question of an inheritance where the testator in the will has not specifically provided for simultaneous death.

Allen West provides guidelines as to the application of section 4(1)(b) - rectification of errors - and as far as possible to substantiate them with authority.

A question about a  section 51 moratorium transfer of one unit in a two unit block from a CC when the second unit is occupied as a primary residence by the sole member of the CC.

Clarity is needed about the application of paragraphs 51 and 51A where a trust wants to transfer property to the spouse of a dead beneficiary.

Johan Muller raises pertinent points about the sale of an undivided portion of agricultural land in terms of the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act 70 of 1970.

Does a deeds registry need to comply with the National Archives and Records Services of South Africa Act asks Erna-Marié Pretorius?

Allen West looks at subdivision vis-n-vis the sale of agricultural land.

Allen West discusses the validity of polygamous customary marriages entered into subsequent to the coming into operaton of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998.

Allen West asks: "In sales of execution - must property be transferred free of, or subject to, usufruct?"

Allen West clarifies some issues surrounding the conversion of a customary marriage to a civil marriage.

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 8 of 2011 - Incorporation of Vrystaat Koöperasie Beperk as VKB Landbou Beperk, and No. 9 of 2011 - Declaration of National Roads.

Registrar's Circular 5/2011 - Application of Companies Act 71 of 2008 and of Chief Registrar's Circular 6 of 2011 with an Attorneys Association Guide addressing problems.

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) will deal with non-compliance of regulations and incorrect or deficient representations vigorously. 

Allen West discusses the capacity of a rehabilitated insolvent to deal with immovable property.

Hannelie Bronkhorst explains what must be done when the same property is registered in the name of two different owners. 

Cape Registrar’s Notice No. 3 of 2011 concerns billing on registration and the implementation of a changed fee billing system by the Chief Registrar of Deeds, effective from 1 August 2011.

Yunus Carrim, the Deputy Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs says home owners need not worry about the Rates Bill.

In an urgent alert, Meumann White has objected to proposals to amend Section 1 of the Property Rates Act to allow commercial rates to be charged on residential property not used by the owner.

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 6 of 2011 - Impact of certain amended provisions of the Companies Act on deeds registration procedures.

Keywords: Agricultural Land, Deeds Registries

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