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By: Getsoft  11-11-2011

A wealth of mobile experience, particularly in the DSD arena, places GetSoft in a position to provide consulting services to companies and business partners wanting to implement an enterprise mobile system. This consulting includes mobile software application design and analysis of functionality versus business needs, as well as providing recommendations on hardware suitability.

Software Development
Very often off-the-shelf solutions do not meet the business needs exactly. In these instances one must either change the business or change the software. In many cases the nature of the business dictates that bespoke development is required.

GetSoft specialises in development of applications for PocketPC and CE.Net using Embedded Visual C++. This ensures that the application has the very best performance possible and makes the most efficient use of available system resources.

Wherever possible mobile applications are developed for both desktop (i.e. windows) and PocketPC platforms. This allows the application to be profiled using sophisticated tools to ensure that there are no memory leaks or undetected API errors, as well as ensuring 100% source coverage during testing prior to release. Performance issues are also addressed using profiling tools that rapidly identify bottlenecks in stand-alone and distributed applications.

Server software is also profiled using these tools to ensure robustness of the system.

System Integration
Many mobile systems are designed to co-reside seamlessly with ERP or Back-Office systems. GetSoft has much experience in system integration and is happy to provide system integration services for all of its products.

Support Services
All software requires maintenance and support. GetSoft offers both maintenance agreements and Support agreements to its customers to ensure longevity of product.

Support levels are agreed by negotiation to ensure that the specific business needs of the customer are met.

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