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By: Getsoft  11-11-2011
Keywords: warehouse, Asset Tracking, Stock Management

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GetCounted What is it?
GetCounted is an affordable stock management system for Warehouses, Stockrooms, Depots and Enterprises that is enabled through the use of Portable Data Terminals (PDT’s) and barcode scanning.

Using a different database GetCounted is implemented as an Asset Tracking system as opposed to a Stock Management System.

What Stock management features does GetCounted offer? Put Away
Goods placed in the warehouse are scanned in using a PDT recording the supplier, document reference, the items received and the location where the items are placed in the warehouse.

Goods picked from the warehouse are scanned out recording the same details as for put-away, except that the source, not the destination location in the warehouse is recorded. Stock Count
Stock counts are very simple and easy to manage using GetCounted. The areas to be counted are allocated to PDT’s using drag and Drop on the GetCounted server. A PDT may be allocated portions of the warehouse enabling large warehouses to be counted by multiple PDT’s. Areas allocated may overlap to enable multiple PDT’s to count the same area. Count results are displayed side-by-side with any variances between theoretical stock and PDT counts being highlighted. Recount of variances only by PDT is initiated at the click of a button.Spot Checks
A PDT may be used at any time to perform spot checks of stock against the theoretical stock holding of any warehouse location.Stock Movement Audit
All stock movements are recorded for audit purposes, recording date and time, person responsible, source and destination, item moved and quantities.Product Information
During stock movement and stock counts it is possible to track Date of Manufacture, Product Status and Item Serial Number. Each of these information elements may be optionally hidden or required by configuration settings on the server.

Asset Placement
Assets received by the enterprise are scanned in using a PDT recording the source, document reference, the asset serial number or quantity and the location where the asset(s) are placed in the enterprise.

Asset Removal
Assets removed from the enterprise are scanned recording destination of the asset, the asset number or quantity and location from which the asset is removed.Asset Count
Updating or confirming the company’s asset register is done in much the same way as a stock count would be. Areas to be checked are allocated to available PDT’s, and the users are directed to the area to be checked for assets. Assets can be tracked using asset or serial numbers or by quantity. For example waste paper baskets may not be given asset numbers, but the company may still want to track how many baskets an office has. The server highlights any variances for re-checking or investigation.Spot Checks
A PDT may be used at any time to perform spot checks of assets against the assets that should in theory be at any location.Asset Movement Audit
All asset movements are recorded for audit purposes, recording date and time, person responsible, source and destination, asset moved and serial number or quantity.

GetInspected What Is It?
GetInspected is a very flexible, mobile, equipment inspection system for use within a wide variety of applications.

What could it typically be used for?

Industrial Plant Inspections
A manufacturing plant is likely to have many different items of equipment that need regular inspection. These could vary from pressures and temperatures in tanks to the level of vibration on a motor to the specific gravity of a large battery cell.

Often these inspections are used to drive a preventative maintenance task, which if not done could result in plant downtime and loss of revenue.

Vehicle Inspections
All vehicles need to have a safety check performed before they are allowed to leave a plant or depot and enter the public road system. These checks would include critical safety and operational items that could prevent an accident. If proof can be provided that the mandatory inspection was carried out fully prior to an accident this proof could go a long way to avoiding costly claims against the company.

Environmental Safety Inspections
Some jobs are hazardous by nature of the environment in which they are performed – for example mining.

Safety inspections are thus absolutely critical as lives are involved, and these inspections must be done without fail. In the unfortunate event that there is an incident, having proof that safety inspections were completed according to schedule will be invaluable.

How does it work?
The server component of the system allows the user to create an inspection form using easy drag and drop technology. The form consists of prompts and responses using standard windows type controls. Each form ensures that the user knows exactly what task or measurement needs to be done and records the result of the inspection. These forms are then linked to an inspection point, each inspection point describing the item or area that is to be inspected.

Keywords: Asset Tracking, Safety Inspections, Stock Management, warehouse

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