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By: Geotab  11-11-2011
Keywords: Vehicle, Fleet Management, Personnel Management

All of our hardware platforms are designed and manufactured to cater for the harsh environment they are subjected to on a daily basis. Over the years our various hardware platforms have built the reputation of being ‘fit & forget’.

Our in-vehicle failure rate, measured since 1998, is well below 1%. All new devices are tested exhaustively before release to the market – GO4™ & GO5™ endured road testing in excess of 2 million kilometres prior to release.

Our hardware platforms use accelerometers as standard, allowing for the measurement of harsh driving behaviour – acceleration, deceleration and lateral movement are monitored continuously. The capacity to rate a Driver’s behaviour opens up a number of advantages, not least of which is the ability to acknowledge good driving habits

Should a vehicle generate a severe impact the hardware in the vehicle uploads Accident Data ‘Over The Air’ [OTA] automatically. This is linked to our Automatic Exception Notification function within Checkmate™ informing the relevant personnel that an accident has taken place.

The Accident Data [100 minutes of second-by-second movement data – 6,000 data logs] is available in real time allowing for the accident to be managed remotely if required.

From a maintenance perspective the GO Engine™ range of devices allows for the remote viewing and management of engine data, collected from the vehicles’ On-Board-Diagnostic computer [OBD]. This allows for the management of each vehicle’s preventative maintenance programme without the need to visit each vehicle.

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Geotab offers GO Mobile™, a Personnel Management system designed to allow our customers to monitor personnel on the job, in real time. This is ideal in offering a proof-of-delivery for services rendered.

GO Mobile™ is a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) solution that integrates the Geotab system with Windows CE enabled PDA or GSM devices that cater for GPS. The major advantage in this application is the inclusion of sales, support and other fleet users without the need for installation of vehicle-mounted monitoring systems.

Keywords: Fleet Management, Personnel Management, Vehicle