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By: Geosoft  11-11-2011
Keywords: 3D visualisation, Geology Data

Working effectively within GIS, and sharing multidisciplinary data and knowledge, is an important requirement for geoscientists. Geosoft provides GIS mapping and analysis capabilities to conduct critical tasks for exploration and earth science projects.

We help to solve these challenges for geoscientists working within Esri ArcGIS:

  • Effective management of drilling projects
  • 2D and 3D visualisation of drillhole and borehole geology data
  • Analysis and mapping of multi-element geochemistry
  • Generation of integrated interpretations and 3D models

Geosoft technology is widely used in mineral exploration companies, as well as government and other organisations. In addition to developing extensions for ArcGIS, we have also embedded Esri’s ArcEngine within our software platform, enabling geoscientists to use Esri tools to natively display Arc .mxd and .lyr files, without leaving the Geosoft environment. ArcGIS and Geosoft users can share their files seamlessly and spend more time collaborating in an increasingly integrated environment.

Keywords: 3D visualisation, Geology Data

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